This lecture was a true joy to organize and present. I first met Terry Evanswood when he came to Pigeon Forge in 1997. I was performing at the Eagle Mountain Theater with country music stars, Jim Ed Brown, Helen Cornelius and Con Hunley. Terry was looking for a show in the area. He contacted several theaters in town and all the shows were set for the season. When he came to Eagle Mountain, they offered him a morning show slot but wanted him to use their comedian (me) in his show. He was thrust into a relationship with me. I was much more excited about the opportunity than he was. However, in a short time we became best friends. I’m so honored to have had the opportunity to work with such an incredibly talented and wonderful man. What a joy to work with Terry.

Gene Anderson Newspaper Tear – This was another fun bit. When Terry and I originally started planning our show together in 97, I suggested the Dueling Newspaper tear to Terry. He didn’t like the idea since he already had a very strong newspaper tear. He was definitely correct on that call. But for this lecture it was a fun bit. This is the only time I’ve ever performed this with tape. I believe Glenn Strange does a ┬áversion of a torn and restored National Enquirer with tape on the finale. Great idea Glenn, assuming you were the first to have the idea.
Frozen Fun & Snow Balls – Terry played a sneaky trick on me and this one was SNOW much fun.
Done Box – I believe this is the only video of this box.
Snowstorm by Terry – Such a beautiful presentation.
Vacuum Man – For a live video performance of this CLICK HERE
It’s a TIE! – I made these just for the lecture.
My Shoes – Following the tricks there is a session of questions and answers. There are some great laughs in this section and it all ends with an explanation of why I wear broadway shoes. Even if you skip the question and answer section, jump to the end and see the short explanation of the shoes.

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