This performance was part of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians conference in Nashville, TN. I closed the show so I had a larger time slot for this one. I also did a test of new ideas, which had good and bad results. I definitely learned a few things and revealed some bad examples as a pro. Not my finest hour. The table used is the Woo Dang. I was really excited about using it, but it didn’t really make my life any easier.
Presentations within this show
Gene Anderson Newspaper Tear – This version of the tear has one added element. A piece of the paper was missing from the restored paper. This is a variation of a Stan Allen idea. The piece is found at the end of the show. I thought this would create an even greater response from the audience. However, I now think the torn missing piece should have been revealed after it was discovered to be missing. In other words, I should have done it the way Stan Allen did.
Cut & Restored Rope – This is one of my classic go to effects. I know it will be strong and great opportunity for play with audience helpers. Over the years, I’ve added a LOT of bits of business into the routine. I don’t always do it exactly the same way. Depending on the audience response, I sometimes make adjustments and add the Professor’s Nightmare near the end of the routine.
Bubble Bucks – This is another variation of the two torn and restored bills. I really enjoy the fun of adding the bubble gum content. At this point, the bubble gum streamers were available on the market. Since then, they have become increasingly difficult to find. Here’s the problem with this routine . . . I BLEW IT! Somewhere in my plans to test new ideas I forgot to do the reveal of the other halves of the bills with matching serial numbers. THAT’S WHAT MAKES IT A MAGIC TRICK. I went from torn bills to a swap wallet. That performance is hard to watch.
Finale Reveals – From the book/box I removed a rope knot, assuming it would be a call back to the rope routine. I also discover the missing torn piece of paper. The paper corner did get a good response, however, I SHOULD have picked up the restored newspaper from the floor and shown it to match. DUH! I also should have used a dump box so I didn’t have trash all over the stage. DUH!
Invisible Deck – I thought the invisible deck would be a nice reveal of the audience members “thought of” card. However, the real moment of magic I was going for was the name of the audience member on the card I had checked throughout the show.
Sam the Turtle – This script was not one of my best. This was before I was using my cushion bit with the turtle and it simply wasn’t as funny as it has become. I also did too much time with the puppet on stage. Trying to share my faith should be a more serious moment and I muddied the water by trying to mix the message with not enough humor.

I believe you can see there’s a lot to learn from this performance. Hopefully my mistakes will be helpful for you.

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