Lecture Outline
Some of these effects are also shown in the 2018 KAX Lecture. See that post for more videos. CLICK HERE
TWO THINGS, TBOT, Mashed Glasses
DIYQ – Hats-O Change-O
DIYQ – Pot Position Points
PAIL FACE (Banner & Smile Maker)
NASTY WORDS (Pole Control)
BIG YELLER (DIY version)
$2 Gimmick & BUCKET Gimmick
DIY APP POLES (Pole Control)

2018 Kidvention Lecture
This is live video of the 2018 Kapital Kidvention lecture. Special thanks to Andrew Remnet for filming for me so we have a record in the studio. The video was divided into 3 parts.

Barry’s Best DIY Magic YOU Can & Will Make
Magicians love creativity and this workshop is FULL OF IT!  That is, creatively full of it.  You’ll see magic, props, and ideas YOU CAN
MAKE!  More importantly, props YOU WILL USE!  Barry will share some of his most creative DIY magic projects and how to make them.  Ideas from the dollar store can create magic like a $1000 prop.  YES, YOU CAN MAKE MAGIC on a budget.  If you’ve never seen Barry in a workshop before, this is the perfect introduction to his style of wacky and wonderful wonders.  Even the NON-DIY-ERS WILL LEARN TIPS AND TRICKS.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Video takes by Wes Iseli at the gala show

Careful, Sam is an attack turtle

Sam Opening

Sam’s mic drop
This is one of the most popular bits I do with Sam.


Laughing Children

A Little Rope

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