Archie is a fun way to use a couple helpers and a little magic to entertain with gravity. To see ALL CONTENT related to the Magic Box CLICK HERE

Under this cloth is an example of gravity. Would you like to see gravity? (Remove cloth to reveal apple inside.) That isn’t it. That’s an apple. You can’t see gravity. But you can see what it does. Watch. (Remove apple and drop on floor.) My young friends, the sudden movement of this apple downward toward the floor is brought to you by gravity. It’s the force that keeps us on the ground. That’s why I like to say, “May the force be with you.”

We can’t see gravity, but we can feel it. If I have a really big piece of pie, gravity really pulls me down. Your parents will understand what I mean. But if I were on the moon, I could eat more pies. Moon pies, that is.

On the moon, I could lift an elephant. That is, if I could stay on the ground. I need a couple of astronauts to help with an experiment. One of you will go to the moon and become an alien. The other will stay here on earth.

(Astronaut/moon visitor helper) The moon is not your home so when you get there, you’ll be an alien. It doesn’t mean you’ll be green. It just means, since you’re not from there, you’re an alien from earth.

(Astronaut staying on earth helper) To get to the moon, you have to start as an astronaut. That means astronauts are training to be aliens. That’s strange.

Both of you have been in training for years. You’ve been learning about space, science, and math. You’re very smart. You’re also very fit and strong. Let’s see your muscles.

To show you the difference between gravity on the earth and gravity on the moon, I’ll let each of you try to lift an elephant. This is the story of the elephant on the moon. (Show toy elephant) Say hello to Archibald the elephant. You can call him Archie. He may not look heavy but it all depends on gravity.

I’ll place the Archie inside this box. There are air holes on the sides, so he will be fine. I’ll cover the box with a cloth because elephants in glass houses enjoy their privacy.

It’s time for one of our astronauts to go to the moon. (Add as much fun as you wish to represent the helper going to the moon.) You’re now an alien astronaut on the moon.

Since you’re both so strong, it should be easy for you to lift this elephant. So easy, you can lift it with your little pinky. But remember, one of our astronauts is on earth and the other on the moon.  Gravity is really pulling Archie down on the earth. (Earth helper tries but can’t lift.) Wow, you couldn’t lift Archie off the tray. Gravity can be a burden. It’s time to send Archie to the moon so our alien astronaut can attempt to lift him. We’ll just beam Archie up to save a little time.

Let’s see if you can lift the elephant. If you can do it, then gravity must be different on the moon. (Alien astronaut lifts box.) Wow, you lifted an elephant! You’re really strong. Or could it just be the magic of gravity?


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