At this KIDabra, I did a business session, storytelling lecture, and was part of the evening performance.  This is the first time Terry Whittenton helped me on stage.  Terry is a very funny man and has a great laugh.  His charm on stage always makes for a great time.  I set out to have him help me at each KIDabra or wherever he is in attendance.

The hand chopper is very rare.  I made three of these.  I’ve sold my personal one and have no idea where it landed.  It was designed to look like a bunch of junk from the garage thrown together.  In reality, it was a very well made French arm chopper.  The design was based on a head chopper design of Nathan Ward of the UK.  Bob Hoge is my helper in the chair.  Bob is Terry Evanswood’s father.

This lecture also featured the Bone Crusher, which is a very unique rope through body.  The lecture is available on the Story Teller Vol 2 DVD.

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