I love storytelling magic.  I love the science of the honey bee.  Putting the two together with a great magic prop, The Bucket Filler, and a building theme was a no brainer pairing.

Spreading the Bee Love
This presentation uses the Bucket Filler prop exclusively made by Barry Mitchell Products.  Instead of producing stars, sixteen yellow two-inch balls are used.  Four small bowls or cups are used for four helpers to hold the balls as they are produced.  Each helper plays the role of a plant and the balls represent pollen. The performer plays the role of a bee.

Special thanks to Bernard Sym’sof France. Bernard uses the Bucket Filler to talk about bee pollen and shared the idea.  Thanks to his inspiration I wrote this presentation.

I want you to meet someone who is vitally important for building a better world. It’s me!  It’s not really me.  However, I’ll be playing the part of a Honey Bee.  Naturally I’ll play the role because I’m so sweet.

I’m Barry the Bee.  (Costume accessories will add to the fun.)

We bees are incredible builders.  We build a home and work together as a team.  We make honey, which is incredible.  Buzz buzz! (Making buzzing sounds will add to the fun.) We make bee’s wax, which is useful in many ways.  But there is something we do that’s even more important than making honey.  To show you, I’ll need some helpers.

All of you will play the roles of plants.  For you to grow and bloom you need magic love dust.  You need magic love dust that I, as a bee, can supply. So you better be nice to me.  Buzz buzz.

Pollen is my magic love dust.  It can cause you to sneeze.  It can also help a flower to bloom.  That’s magic. Actually many plants can’t produce fruit without it.  Each one of our plants needs pollen and they are all begging for it.

Our first flower is a lily.  She needs magic love dust.  That’s why she says, “Don’t be silly.  Give some to the Lily.”

Our next plant is a watermelon.  He needs magic love dust too.  He says, “Is that pollen I’m smellin?  Give some to the melon.”

Our next plant is squash.  Squash really need help from bees.  The squash says, “Oh my gosh, give some to the squash.”

Finally we have a green bean.  Beans don’t really need pollen from bees.  However, since I’m here he says, “It ain’t easy being green.  Give some love to the bean.”

Plants need pollen and some get it from me or whatever the wind blows their way. When I, Barry the Bee, fly around collecting nectar from flowers I also collect pollen in a little basket on the back of my legs.  I have an empty basket right here.  (Show empty bucket filler bucket)  When I go to work, I pick up a little pollen at each flower.  (Go into audience and pretend to pick pollen from the kids and place in bucket.  Return to the stage and show that the bucket looks empty.)  I’ll buzz through the audience and collect some nectar and pollen now.

Can you see all the pollen I collected?  It may look like the basket is empty but that’s just because pollen is so small.  It’s very hard to see unless there is a great deal of it.  Sometimes in the summer you’ll see it on your car.  When there’s a lot of it, pollen looks like yellow dust. If it were big enough to see, it might look like this.  (Begin to produce yellow balls from the bucket filler gimmick.)

I’ll do a little spreading of magic love dust on my helpers.  (Place balls in small containers held by helpers.)  Each flower and veggie now has what it needs to continue to grow and bloom.  I’m going back to the hive to throw up.  (You may not want to end the story with the “throw up” line, however, that is exactly what a bee does.)

Bee Books
Honey Bees are amazing builders.  Many books are available about the incredible bee.  A great one for children is, Are You A Bee?By Judy Allen and Tudor Humphries.

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