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Big Yeller DIY
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Early Test Video
This video was shot during the brainstorming process to show my team for feedback.

Big Yeller was inspired by an article I wrote for KIDabra Journal Vol 6 No. 6 in 2011.  I had forgotten about the effect so it was refreshing to find it and recognize the connection with a music theme.

Ding, Dong, Dum, . . . BONG!
Magic that will ring your bell and have your audience screaming.  At least I hope it will.  Show a bag with four magical bells inside. (Sponge balls inside a change bag)  But keep the bag closed.  When light hits them they ring.  Each bell/ball has a different ring, ding, dong, dum, and bong.  As the bells/balls are introduced to the light you add the sound effects.  In other words, you SAY, “Ding, dong, dum, and bong.”  It’s cheap but effective entertainment.  The handling of the sponge balls is standard and easy but the finale is a bell cracker.  No bell is actually harmed in the presentation, I just thought it would be funny to call it a “bell cracker.”  Your helper opens his/her hand to find 3 two-inch balls, ding, dong, and dum and several one-inch balls, ding, ding, ding, ding, etc.  The performer’s hand was holding bong but it has swelled in size and become BONG!  A standard change bag is used to hold the balls and help with the necessary slight of hand.  Sponge balls needed: 4 – two-inch balls, several one-inch balls, 1 incrediball.

Set Up
In one side of a change bag place an incrediball in the folded position.  In the other side of the bag place several one-inch balls and all four of the two-inch balls.

(The handling of this is a standard sponge ball routine using the “put and take” sleight of hand, or whatever sleigh method you use.  A basic explanation of the handling is added within these directions.  However, directions of how to perform the sleight of hand is not included.)

I have some magical bells in this bag.  They are magical because each time they are exposed to light they ring.  I’ll show you.  This is Ding. (Remove a two-inch ball from the change bag. Make the sound effect by saying “Ding.”  This can be very funny if you have fun with it.  Keep saying ding occasionally.)  See what I mean, he won’t stop ringing.  And this is Dong. (“Dong.”  Remove a second ball and palm a third at this time.)  I have a couple others too and I’ll introduce them in a moment.  But I need a helper.

We’ll play a magical game with Ding and Dong.  Which would you like, Ding or Dong? (Make bell sounds whenever the balls are in view.  Place two balls in helper’s hand and “put and take” one ball in your hand.)  Then I’ll keep Dong.

Say (Insert magic word here.  “Ring-a-ding-ding” might be a good magic word.) and watch what happens.  Look, mine is gone.  Check your hand.  (Ding, Dong.)

Please hold them both so they will stop ringing.  (Place both balls back in helper’s hand along with the third ball which is palmed in your hand.)  I have another one.  He’s Dum.  (Remove fourth ball from change bag.)  I didn’t say he is silly, just “dum.” (Dum, Dum, Dum.)  I’ll hold him. (“Put and take” ball in your hand.)  Let’s say the magic word again and see what happens.  (Magic Word)  He’s gone.  Check your hand.  (Ding, Dong, Dum.)  Throw them back in the bag quickly.  (Helper tosses all three balls back inside change bag side which has the small balls.  You still have a single ball palmed in your hand.)  They sure do ding, dong, and dum a lot don’t they?

I have another one for you to meet.  His name is Bong.  But before I bring him out I want to make sure you’re holding Ding, Dong, and Dum. (This is the point you’ll grab all the small balls from the change bag.  Carefully gather the small balls in your fist but pull the three larger balls out so they are visible.  Place all balls in helper’s hand.) Hold on tight with both hands.

I have to make sure that Bong doesn’t see Ding, Dong, and Dum until I’m ready.  He won’t make a sound until he sees them.  See, he’s completely silent. (Remove incrediball from other side of change bag.  Using the change bag makes it easy to find the gimmicked ball quickly.)  When I tell you, open your hands so Ding, Dong, and Dum are in view and I’ll open so Bong can see them.

Ok, open your hand.  (All the balls spring out of the helper’s hand.)  Ding, dong, dum, ding, ding, ding, ding, (Say several dings to represent the small balls. Open your hand to reveal the jumbo incrediball and say BONG!)  Wow, it’s a musical bell explosion.  Quick, help me gather up all the bells and put them back in the bag so they will stop ringing.
All I have left to say is “Ding DANG, that’s a good routine,” in my humble opinion.

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