This is the written script and audio chapters of the Book of Barry Audio CD. Written script is below all the audio chapters. Please note, I was REALLY sick when I recorded this. Sometimes we do what we have to do when we have studio time. You will certainly notice that my voice isn’t at it’s best, but I’m confident you’ll still hear my timing in the narration.
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Modern 23rd Psalm

by Barry Mitchell | Book of Barry

It's the Little Things that Matter Most

by Barry Mitchell | Book of Barry

Goal Setting Survival

by Barry Mitchell | Book of Barry

I Got Potential Rap

by Barry Mitchell | Book of Barry

The Question I Ask Each Day

by Barry Mitchell | Book of Barry

God Made Me Special

by Barry Mitchell | Book of Barry

I'll Be True

by Barry Mitchell | Book of Barry

Temptation Skit

by Barry Mitchell | Book of Barry

The Choices Tree

by Barry Mitchell | Book of Barry

No One Will Know

by Barry Mitchell | Book of Barry

Newspaper Tear

by Barry Mitchell | Book of Barry

I’ve used the Bible Rap many times in school and library shows. Just change “church library” to “local library.”

Christmas Boo Who's

by Barry Mitchell | Book of Barry

I am very proud of this piece because my good friend Terry Evanswood uses it in his Christmas magic show each year.  I wrote it specifically for his show when we performed together. So you’ll get the idea, he presents three colored sands, yellow, blue, and red and places them in a bowl of water.  Then he magically removes the colored sands one at a time completely dry. In the end, the water goes from dark to clear.  It’s a beautiful effect and seems to be even better with the addition of the poem in the background.

Track 1 Introduction
Track 2 Modern 23rd Psalm
Track 3  The Mirror
Track 4  Encourage Me
Track 5  It’s the Little Things that Matter Most
Track 6  Attitudes
Track 7  Goal Setting Survival
Track 8  I Got Potential Rap
Track 9  The Question I Ask Each Day
Track 10  Excuses
Track 11  God Made Me Special
Track 12  I’ll Be True
Track 13  Temptation Skit
Track 14  The Choices Tree
Track 15  Signs
Track 16  No One Will Know
Track 17  Newspaper Tear
Track 18  Bible Rap
Track 19  Christmas Boo Who’s
Track 20  Christmas
Track 21  Sand Poem
Track 22  Laugh

Inspirational poems with a dash of laughter from a motivational humorist.  Be inspired and inspire others using these poems to illustrate your talks.  Performance rights included with purchase.  Listen to track 1 for information about a free printed copy of these poems and new works not included on this CD.

Track 1
Thank you for purchasing this audio of motivational poems.  My name is Barry Mitchell and I’ll be narrating each poem with the rhythm and voice inflections that were my intensions as I wrote them.  Some may have short notes about why the poem was written or how it was used.  If you would like a printed copy of these selections as well as others not included on this tape you may visit my web site and email your request.  I’ll email the entire book for you to print.  All spelling mistakes come at no extra charge.  The web site is  Your purchase of this audio tape gives you performance rights only.  Printing and publishing is prohibited without written permission.  Thank you and enjoy.

Track 2
So many kind people have told me they enjoy my poems and have encouraged me to offer them to everyone that I’ve complied some of my favorites.  There’s nothing deep here or hard to understand.  On the contrary, I have simple thoughts and try to express them in simple language so everyone will enjoy.  For example, here’s a modern 23rd Psalm.

A Modern 23rd Psalm
The Lord is my Sheppard, and I’m one stupid sheep,
He leads me toward the green pastures and all I do is sleep.

He shows me waters that are quiet,
and I struggle and put up a fight.

He guides me toward the path I should take,
and I change directions for my own name’s sake.

He lays out a banquet fit for a winner,
and I blow Him off and choose a TV dinner.

The Lord is my Sheppard, my leader and friend,
When will I learn that on Him alone I can depend?

Track 3
Leo Tolstoy said, “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”   That thought was the inspiration for this poem, The Mirror.

Written May 26, 99
Look at the world flawed and cracked,
Problems build to an overwhelming stack.

Negative words and actions at every turn,
While positive encouragement is needed and yearned.

We want leaders to take a right stand,
and present an example instead of demands.

Who will step forward and assume the mission,
To make a change in the human condition?

The answer is simple and easy to see,
Just look in the mirror, it starts with me! 

I have been blessed to have a great number of mentors in my life.  My hope is that you will be a mentor to others in your life.  Your efforts will return to you in countless blessings.

Encourage ME
Written December 1997
A child sees the world through eyes that are clear,
And looks for an example they may mirror.

They call out a challenge to all who will listen,
Encourage me, and I will carry on your vision.

Give me the confidence that I deserve,
And I will follow a successful path and never swerve.

Your positive words build my character and make me strong,
And because of your friendship I am delivered from wrong.

Encourage me, and my potential, and you will be blessed,
I will amaze you, with my abundant success.

Your positive words today, create in me the desire,
to follow my dreams and keep stoking the fire.

Because you cared and showed me the way,
I become an adult with a debt to pay.

I too, will carry on your mission of self-esteem,
And develop a bold self-confident team.

Of men and women with goals compiled,
to make a difference in the life of a child.

Track 5
Written Feb 23,98

It’s the little things that matter most.
Seeing a rainbow on a cloudy day,
Calling your Mom just to say hey.

It’s the little things that matter most.

Opening the door for your wife of 20 years,
Taking time to wipe away a child’s little tears.

It’s the little things that matter most.

Sending a card to a special friend,
Saying I’m sorry so a broken heart can mend.

It’s the little things that matter most.

Saying I love you at an unexpected time,
Making a point with a silly rhyme.

You see, it’s those little things, that matter most, a laugh, a smile, a hug,
After all, what good is the bathtub, without the plug?

Track 6

Written Jan. 23, 98
Attitudes come in every color and style,
They begin at birth and develop as a child.

As we grow and gain responsibility,
They strengthen and acquire stability.

They carry us to adulthood and beyond,
and open and close doors like a magic wand.

A caring one will make us a friend,
and provide relationships on which we depend.

A cheerful one will create smiles,
and heal wounds that stress compiles.

A confident one will insure abundant success,
and create a desire to be our best.

A positive one can change night into day,
and set an example for others to portray.

Of all the emotions, we can set as a goal,
our attitude is the only one we control.

Track 7
Written March 12, 98

You’ve set a goal and your determination is secure.
Now write it on paper to keep it pure.

The written words will seal your vision,
and give you the desire to keep your decision.

Setting a date will inspire you to accomplish.
Without a time limit it’s only a wish.

Picture the goal through a telescope lens.
Focus your vision and the distance descends.

Daily adjustment is required for success,
that’s the action that separates the best.

With a written destination and a time of arrival,
you’ve developed a map for goal setting survival.

So, advertise to yourself all over the wall.
Hang notes and reminders to stay on the ball.

You made the choice so follow it through,
when the goal is attained you’ll be a better you.

Track 8
Several years ago, a fire destroyed a building that contained tons of ice.  Author Carl Franke said that although the building had contained thousands of gallons of potential extinguisher, the water was not in usable form.  The building was full of frozen assets.  You too are full of potential.  This poem was written for teenagers as a rap.  The I got Potential Rap

I got potential, you know what I mean,
I can be anything, it’s all in my genes.

I may be different from who you are,
but watch my dust I’ll be a star.

Following the crowd is easy to do,
Losers do it, and so can you.

My minds made up, I’m different you see,
I’m a winner, I’ve got the key.

Confidence, attitude, persistence and goals,
I’m aiming high, gonna break the mold.

Self-esteem, language and people skills,
I got the juice, don’t need no pills.

G.W. Carver figured it out,
Took the nut and made it shout.

Cracked it open for all to see,
The awesome potential in you and me.

You have a choice, it’s up to you,
Make your decision and enjoy the view.

Lay on the couch and widen your butt,
Or seize your potential just like the nut.

Track 9
Written Nov 11, 99

There is a question we face each day.
Some try to answer, but most turn away.

Am I really happy with the journey I’m on?
Or am I just working to pay off my loans?

Do I numb my mind with TV and shopping?
Or is it the countless medications I’m popping?

I used to dream of making a difference,
but now I set goals for debt deliverance.

Where did my life begin to change its course?
Was it the status car or the selfish divorce?

Can I get off this rocky road?
Or will I always bear this heavy load?

If there is something that makes life worth living,
it can’t be found in collecting, but in giving.

Lord, give me a chance at a new start.
Light the fire for others in my heart.

Allow me the ability to pay my bills,
and stop searching and shopping to find my thrills.

I remember now the goal to pursue,
Serving others brings the joy I once knew.


Track 10
Written Oct 25, 99
Inspired by Matt Tullos
My friend Matt Tullos does a wonderful sketch about the excuses we sometimes make as a Christian.  He allowed me to use his script and write it in poem form.  Thank you to Matt for his inspiration for EXCUSES.

Lord look at me, so weak and broken,
Use me? You must be joking.

What value could I be to you,
You need a better example for others to view.

Then God spoke out in the words of His book,
You think you’re broken, just take a look.

I seek availability, not ability,
You think you’re weak, here’s some reality.

Moses sta-sta stuttered and didn’t talk so good,
Abraham almost didn’t put Isaac on the wood.

Solomon had way too much money,
And David saw Bathsheba as a bedroom honey.

Moses had a really short fuse,
And Gideon doubted that he could be used.

Thomas had to touch my scars to believe,
Judas had a problem with power and greed.

Abraham was just a little too old,
And Sara laughed when her son’s birth was foretold.

David was way too young,
And Miriam had a problem holding her tongue.

John the Baptist was a loudmouth,
And Jonah refused and headed south.

Peter was afraid to die,
And Jacob loved to tell a lie.

Murder was one of Paul’s many sins,
And Balaam’s talking donkey was his closest friend.

Hosea’s wife was a lady of the night,
And Timothy had ulcers from being uptight.

Jeremiah was suicidal and suffered depression,
And Samsom’s hair became an obsession.

John was self righteous and had the big head,
And Lazarus seemed useless, he was dead!

Of course, Jesus was too poor to start a movement,
Are you starting to pick up the hint?

It’s you I’m after, not your talent and skill,
I want your heart, your weakness, and your will.

Sure, you’re broken and defeated by sin,
But on God’s team even a loser can win.

Track 11
Written Oct. 29, 98

God made me special and he did the same for you,
His gifts are numerous, not just a few.

It’s my choice to use them to their fullest extent,
My plan is simple, I’ll give you a hint.

I’ll begin by thanking him for all he’s done,
and for offering the sacrifice of his only son.

Then I’ll explore my personal talent and skill,
and find ways to use it within his will.

I’ll read his words of inspiration each day,
and spend time alone to reflect and pray.

I’ll hide those words in my heart to make me strong,
and share his message with a smile and a song.

I’m a child of the King and my inheritance is true,
I have a relationship with the Father, how about you?

Track 12
Written Jan 27, 1999
This was written for teenagers encouraging them to choose abstinence.

I am a precious creation, an image of God’s best,
I want to do what’s right but the choices are such a test.

All this responsibility at such an early age,
my head’s in a spin and my hormones a rage.

Cosmopolitan, Playboy, and videos in my face,
My friends are having sex like they’re in a race.

One boy got herpes and a girl’s gonna be a mom,
and some guy’s having sex with his CD Rom.

God has a purpose and a plan for me,
It’s more than what they say on MTV.

My future is determined by my choices and limits,
I don’t need a psychic at $3.99 a minute.

If I live for today and please only myself,
when tomorrow comes there’ll be nothing left.

My body is a gift I’ll save for a special one,
I don’t need a list like notches on a gun.

I’m making a commitment to my future wedded love,
and asking for help from God up above.

Give me the strength to stand alone in the crowd,
as a tribute to your plan and make Jesus proud.

I’ll save myself for marriage and be faithful and true,
That’s my decision, what about you. 

Track 13
This poem was written for teenagers to describe the power of Satan’s temptations.  It is presented as a sketch with a member of the audience playing the part of the person being tempted.  After each verse, the tempted stands to his feet and sings that he chooses to live for Jesus and say no to the Devil’s temptations.  The sketch has proven to be very funny for teens and adults as well as inspirational.

Delvis is the name and I’m one hot number,
On the demon scene, I’m the baddest newcomer.

Got the coolest threads and the best logo,
When it comes to evil I’m in the know.

I’m here to share my immense good fortune,
With this young man, I’ll offer a portion.

What’s the cost, what’ll you pay?
A simple fee, just do what I say.

On your knees and bow to me,
The prince of power on land and sea.

NO, I want to live for Jesus, live for Jesus, live for Jesus every day,
I want to live for Jesus, live for Jesus, call on him when I pray.

That’s alright I can see you’re a shopper,
Why hold back, I’m gonna give you the whopper.

My biggest and best temptation you’ll see,
Is the power of sex and I’ll give you the key.

A ladies’ man and a big bad stud,
Compared to you, Superman would be a dud.

Women will drop at your feet,
And beg for you to make ‘em complete.

What’s your answer, what’ll it be,
You ready to bow down and worship me.

NO – Live for Jesus

So, libido may not be your gig,
Possibly power will flip you wig.

Political power and influence I give,
Councilman, mayor, governor, president, Oh, what a way to live.

You’ll have it all and the power to yield,
All you have to do is play ball in my field.

Sounds good, I can see it in your eyes,
What’s your answer, are you ready for the prize?

NO – Live for Jesus

You’re a tough cookie, I’ll have to pull out the big gun,
Unlimited cash, now there’s a way to have fun.

All the wealth you won’t believe,
New ways to spend it you’ll have to conceive.

Don’t answer so soon, think for a second,
You can use it to help people, you don’t have to be so decadent.

Wouldn’t that be special, won’t that be hip,
Go ahead, bow down and worship.

NO – Live for Jesus

Sex, power, money, none of them give you a thrill,
I know who you are, you want to keep your good name, promote good will.

Have no fear, let’s not be rash,
I have the perfect gift, it’s called hypocritical hash.

Hypocrisy, that rings your bell,
Look like an angel and live like hell.

All the fruits of a pagan lifestyle,
While pretending to worship the Lord all with a smile.

Don’t be shy I know this is you,
You want this gift, now isn’t that true.

NO – Live for Jesus

I offered you my best and you’re no taker,
Some of my best customers are fakers.

That’s alright you can turn me down now,
But I’ll be back, I’ll get you some how.

Every man has a weakness and I’ll find yours,
You go ahead and live for Jesus and open heart’s doors.

Keep that prayer life open, read and study each day,
Cause next time I’ll be in disguise and I just might take you away. 

Track 14
Written April 22, 99
This piece was written as a complete dialogue of the Scriptures from Genesis to Jesus in five minutes.  When I present the poem, I draw a picture of a tree with the forbidden fruit.  At the conclusion of the poem I erase the tree and a picture of Jesus’ face appears.

In the beginning, there was God with his own,
The father, the son, and the spirit on the throne.

Out of the darkness He chose to create,
The heavens and planets so awesome and great.

The earth appeared on the very first day,
It was formless and empty, a big blob of clay.

In the first five days He continued to give,
The necessities of creation that we might live.

He created a great star to give us light,
and millions of smaller ones to guide our night.

He divided the earth into water and land,
and created the sky with His mighty hand.

The grass began to grow and the flowers to bud,
and up came the trees from the watery mud.

The oceans were filled with fish in schools,
and the birds took flight as if they made the rules.

Creation was a marvelous place to behold,
and it all began with nothing, then God started to mold.

What a wonderful garden with every delight,
But something was missing, something’s not right.

There was too much beauty for God alone,
So He created man to share his home.

He picked up some clay and looked in the mirror,
and out of His hands man did appear.

It was His greatest creation, it topped the rest.
The birth of man was surely the best,

In six short days he created everything,
and gave it to man to rule and reign.

Man was handed the freedom to choose,
with only one limitation, he couldn’t lose.

Stay away from the tree in the middle was all,
But how could it hurt, how could we fall?

It looked okay, it was pleasing to the eye,
and the serpent was begging us to give it a try.

It was just a fruit, such a simple choice,
and soon we were hiding from God’s holy voice.

We closed our ears and walked to the tree,
claiming we want a choice, we want to be free.

We’ll make our own decisions and throw caution to the wind,
and deal with the consequences in the end.

God made it so easy with only one rule,
and we had to break it and play the fool.

But Jesus said wait, I’ll try them again,
I’ll go in person and become their friend.

They’ll see my example and choose God’s love,
and turn their eyes toward things above.

But we made our choice when Pilate said (asked) who,
We want Barabus, kill the Jew!

Again, we returned to that choices tree,
and nailed our Messiah for all to see.

We’ll make our choices no matter who we harm,
we believe we’ll be safe with our wit and charm.

But one day we’ll be judged by our choices tree,
whose name has been changed to Calvary.

And the decisions we made will hang on each branch,
mocking the times we had a chance.

To open our heart and let Jesus in,
to heal the hurt and forgive the sin.

But you have a choice if you’re here today,
There really is freedom in choosing His way.

Jesus conquered the tree to pay our price,
He suffered our pain as a loving sacrifice.

The choices tree is for the dead.
Walk away and choose the garden instead,

Your sins and failures He will gladly erase,
When you turn to him and seek His face.

What a wonderful garden with every delight,
When we look past the tree and keep Jesus in sight.

Track 15
Written May 1, 99
This poem was inspired by road signs.  Each line has a different visual sign to emphasize the point.  To get a print out of the poem with road sign suggestions email your request to my web site.

Dear God, give me a sign that I may know,
Your will and direction that I might go.


(Narration on tape voice of God)

Stop and listen to my still small voice,
You stay so busy like you don’t have a choice.  (STOP SIGN)  1

You used to yield to My power and love,
But you seem to have forgotten your Father above.  (Yield sign)  2

Remember when you used to wander in every direction,
Finding the world only offered you pain and rejection.  (Two way traffic)  0

Watching the example of others who gave,
You made a commitment and you were saved.  (Men Working)  3

You’ve come too far to turn back now,
You’ve established your faith and a holy vow.  (No U Turn)  4

The road will surely be filled with curves,
To test your faith and your nerves.  (Winding Road)  5

But stay on the course when your way looks thin,
Diligence to the task is the way to win. (Narrow Bridge)  6

You’re under construction by God’s own hand,
To have a purpose and fulfill his plan.  (Construction Ahead) use some how

Come together with others who believe,
And count the blessings you have received.  (Road ahead Narrows) 0

Slow down and stay on the right road,
Friends and fellowship can lighten your load.  (Slower traffic keep right)  7

Watch out for the evil one trying to bring you down,
Catching you off guard he’ll steal your crown.  (No Hitchhiking)  0

Some day your journey will come to an end,
And you’ll enter the arms of your Savior friend.  (Right Lane Ends)  8

Won’t it be special on that final day,
To know you made the decision to go the right way.  (One Way)  9

Track 16
No One will Know
Written May 7 99
The day begins and I’m in a hurry,
I missed my prayer time but not to worry.

I’ll do it later the day has 24 hours,
but my attitude suffers and my personality sours.

No one will notice my distance from the Father,
They’ll assume I have some other bother.

Day after day I continue in the same way,
Neglecting my relationship and my time to pray.

I’m losing my fellowship with Jesus the son,
Before I had peace but now there is none.

But no one will notice my spiritual slack,
I can hide my condition with a religious act.

Farther and farther I fall into sin,
I wonder why all this had to begin.

To my Fathers love I closed my eyes,
So, Satan’s temptations were no surprise.

People will notice, they’re eyes aren’t covered with wool,
Your actions are a mirror and only you are the fool.

Track 17
Written March 19, 1998
This poem was written to go along with the torn and restored newspaper trick.  I was tearing the paper and restoring it while reciting the poem.

Life is like a newspaper, revealing all that matters,
carrying a variety of stories, printed on scraps and tatters.

(Show paper, all pages)

Each life is filled with articles, and pictures from the past,
striving to hold the memories, and make the treasures last.

Our pages are filled, with both failure and success,
and puzzles to make us think, to be our very best.

Some begin in the comics, and start the day with a smile,
Others turn to the obits, to see if they made another mile.

(Start tearing paper)

But every life has disappointments, that rip and tear,
and loneliness, where no one seems to care.

Although that destruction, seems to have no end,
there is a place to go, to find a true friend.

Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the life.
All men come to the father through me, who takes away strife.

When we confess our mistakes, he will surely forgive,
and award us a second chance, to learn how to live.

(Paper unfolds restored)

Jesus is the restorer, no one else can fill his shoes,
He took the cross willingly, to pay each of our dues.

Make him your editor, before your pages fade away,
Don’t put off till tomorrow, the choice you should make today.

Track 18
Written 1991 or 92
Here’s a rap used to encourage children to read the Bible.

On the road there are many signs,
some pointing forward, some pointing behind.

Keeping track of all those directions,
helps us make better selections.

Going the same way all the time,
makes life boring and that’s a crime.

Open your mind to every way,
you can enjoy life and make it pay.

Reading the book is my favorite rule,
to keep your mind sharp and cool.

Follow the signs to your church library,
books on every subject they carry.

Check out one and take a look,
once you start (pause) you’ll find it fun to read the book.


Track 19
Christmas Boo Who’s
Written Nov. 11, 98
Boo who on the season that brings others joy,
All I see is a reason to buy another toy.

Boo who on the tree that points to the star,
All I see are pine needles in the trunk of my car.

Boo who on the bells that ring in the new year,
All I see is an excuse to consume more cheer.

Boo who on the lights and holiday decor,
All I see are electric bills higher than before.

Boo who on the birth that brought this cheerful mess,
All I see are carolers who make themselves a pest.

Boo who on the man who misses the gift.
And sees the occasion as a drag not a lift.

Christmas boo who’s may be all you voice,
but the Savior’s birth gave us all a choice.

Live in a world of sad boo who’s,
or celebrate God’s gift, you choose!

Track 20
Written around 1993
Merry Christmas to one and all, it’s open season on shoppers at the mall.
Another year and gifts to buy, for runny nose brats as they whine and cry.

It’s obvious to most, if not to you, that we’ve turned the season around and forgot about you know who.
I share with you the true meaning of Christmas today, entice their eyes and with their wallet they will pay.

My wish for you and your neighbor too, is to start a new tradition with a singular view.
The reason for the season is the birth of a child, all the trees, trinkets, and trimmings serve only to drive us wild.

Track 21
Written for Sands of Egypt effect performed by Terry Evanswood during his Christmas shows in Pigeon Forge, TN
Written November 1997

I am very proud of this piece because my good friend Terry Evanswood uses it in his Christmas magic show each year.  So you’ll get the idea, he presents three colored sands, yellow, blue, and red and places them in a bowl of water.  Then he magically removes the colored sands one at a time completely dry. In the end, the water goes from dark to clear.  It’s a beautiful effect and seems to be even better with the addition of the poem in the background.  Hope you enjoy the Sand Poem.

Time flows quickly, like the flowing of water into a glass,
travel back with us now to almost 2000 years past.

The heavens recognized a star shining bright and high,
announcing a coming king who would love, suffer, and die.

The world was filled with darkness and evil around the globe,
while prophets foretold of the messiah to wear a pauper’s robe.

Wise men traveled from the east, following the bright light,
in search of the child king, born that glorious night.

They arrived with gifts of yellow gold, as pure as heaven above,
fit for a king who would rule, not by force, but with love.

The second gift was frankincense, we symbolize with sand of red
a sweet perfume used by temple priests, to glorify the God head.

And finally, the gift of myrrh, a treasured burial spice,
foreshadowing his cruel death and loving sacrifice.

Each colored sand represents a gift, as a symbolic reminder,
given to a servant king who taught us the ways to be richer and kinder.

But what value is gold when we’re rich with family and friend,
seeking of gold is meaningless, like chasing after the wind.

So, we return the dry golden sand back to it’s original place,
as we seek to add a smile when we encounter a solemn face.

And who needs perfumes when we possess unlimited power,
every time we share with a friend, the gift of a single flower.

So again, we return the red sand just as before,
knowing full well there’s just, one color more.

The burial spice that foretold the servant’s great pain and strife,
but death had no sting, to the king who came back to life.

So, the sands are returned and we have become richer,
because we see the true meaning, of the Christmas picture.

Share our joy and blessings with everyone we hold dear,
and the world becomes a better place and just a little more clear.

Track 22
Written May 7, 1998
And finally, a little something to remind us that life deserves a few laughs to diminish some of our stress.

When a bully lands a punch, right on your chin,
Look him in the eye, with an unexpected grin, and laugh!

With speed, he’ll turn and run away,
For only a nut would react that way.

When the prettiest girl says no, to your request for a date,
and claims your face, looks like fish bait, give a little laugh.

What comes around goes around, just wait and see,
She’ll spend a fortune, making her fifty year face look twenty-three.

As you walk to your car in your newest dress,
and a bird swoops down and leaves you a mess, just laugh.

Your frustration at a fashion emergency,
is his jubilation at pin point accuracy.

When the illness comes that decreases your wind,
and your best protection is a pair of depends, whisper a laugh.

Your friends carry wrinkles constructed through time,
while your face is a sculpture of laugh lines.

We all have a choice to laugh or to whine,
to eat life’s crumbs or sit back and dine.

Don’t waste your time looking back with sorrow,
Life isn’t about yesterday, it’s about tomorrow.

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