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There is a great deal of content in this post. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the print directions and ideas for the butterfly silks.

Fred the Early Years
Performed at FCM (Fellowship of Christian Magicians) Late Night 2012
I found this on YouTube and wanted to share it in the studio.  I had no idea it had been recorded.  I think this was early in the writing of the Fred story, maybe even before I had the silks.  Not sure about the timing since I didn’t have it memorized.  It’s always fun to do something off the cuff with Nathan Roberts.  He’s another one of my talented friends.

In 2015, Nathan turned the Fred poem into a song. He recorded it on his CD, Looking for a Reader.

Clark the Worm

by Nathan J. Roberts | Looking for A Reader

Fred the Singing Storyteller

Fred the Unique

Fred the Teacher

Butterfly Silks Explanation
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Alternative Switch Methods
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Palmo Ball Teach In

VIP Video Cocoon Bag DIY
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The World of Fred
Welcome to the world of Fred.  Fred is a worm, aka caterpillar.  Fred is a very unique worm.  He goes through a great change. . . a name change.  As a proud owner of this set of caterpillar and butterfly silks you change Fred’s name or even his gender.  As you begin the search for how you will use these beautiful silks we are sharing some suggestions and scripts that may spark your creativity.

Before we begin
Special thanks to my brainstorming team on this one, Tim Sonefelt, Steve Wronker, and Dorian LaChance

Original Script
This was my original idea for the silks.  I love singing tricks and wanted to combine my storyteller opening with the effect.  As you can hear on the DVD it’s the Puff the Magic Dragon tune.  I realize this presentation isn’t for everyone but it’s definitely my favorite.

Have you ever seen a singing storyteller?  Well you won’t today either because no one could accuse me of being a singer.

Let me tell a story that begins this way.
Once upon a time and place, not too far from here today.

It’s the story of Fred (pause) . . .  the magical worm.
He loved to sing and do a dance called the silly giggle squirm.

Little by little, Fred began to change.
His actions were to say the least, a little bit strange.

From the hole in his head (pause). . . he began to make a string.
And formed a bag for him to live. . . (whisper) it’s a very lonely thing.

Wrapped inside his bag he never said a word.
Hanging there he looked just like . . . (whisper) a little cheese curd.

Then one day we saw it.  The slightest little twitch.
The bag was bursting open, Fred had split a stitch.

What happened next was magic, for all of us to see.
Fred was becoming, all he was meant to be.

A shake here and a jiggle there, we watched in silent awe.
Fred burst forth and spread his wings, breaking natural law.

Beautiful!  Magical! That was all we could say.
Fred became a butterfly, as we watched that very day.

So when you see a worm, remember what I said.
You can change and be your best, just like little Fred.

Let me tell a story that ends this way.
Happily ever after, is still possibly today.

Alternate Ending
I wrote these just for fun.  I do not recommend for children’s shows but they might give you a laugh.
So when you see a worm, remember little Fred.
Let him give your heart a smile, then squash that sucker dead!

If you don’t like this story, that I just said.
Then write your own ending, and try to rhyme with Fred.

Let me tell a story that ends this way.
Happily ever after, is only something we say.

Happily ever after, means alimony to pay
Happily ever after usually fads away

Fred the Teacher
This is Fred the worm and he’s a teacher.  Ok, I admit I’m STRETCHING the truth a little.  Fred is actually a caterpillar.  Although he’s not a teacher, we sure can learn from him. Fred can help us to understand the magic of metamorphosis

Metamorphosis is one really big word and it simply means change. Not like pocket change, (coin appears by stroking hand over silk) although that’s pretty neat.  And not like change of clothes.  Nope, metamorphosis is a really big change.

When Fred is ready to change he makes this string that comes out of a hole in his head.  Yes, that’s gross!  When something comes out of a hole in our head we call it snot.  Ouu nasty.  You think that’s a joke but it’s sNOT!

(WARNING:  This is an old joke and funny to kids, however, over the years I’ve been given a lot of grief by those who believe you shouldn’t use this type of humor with children. IT’S UP TO YOU.  That’s why I put the WARNING.) But in Fred’s case it’s a string.

Fred’s string is very similar to a spider making a web. Fred uses the string and wraps himself inside.  It’s something like Fred making a bag for him to live inside.  Inside the bag his body will completely change.  Think of it like recycling.  If you put a plastic bottle in a recycling bin it can be changed into many other things.  That’s what happens with a caterpillar.  Eventually the caterpillar will come out of his bag and reveal himself as a butterfly. Some scientists believe that the butterfly can remember some of who he was when he was a caterpillar.  But I like to think that Fred becomes an entirely new creature.  Fred could become Felix or Ferdinand or maybe even Frances.

Fred the Unique
Have you heard the story of the ugly duckling that changed into the beautiful swan?  Well this isn’t it.  But it’s close.

This is the story of Fred. He was a shy little guy. He would usually be by himself. No one wanted to play with him. He had very few friends. This was because he was different. He was different than all the others, in that he crawled around real slow. He was different because there was a lot to him. Some might say he was awkward and gangly. Others would call him names. That was not very nice and it hurt his feelings.

This went on for a long time. So long in fact that one day he decided to curl up by himself and think about everything that was happening to him.  He made himself a cocoon and hid inside.  He thought about all those that picked on him and made him sad.

But more important, he thought about the nice things his teachers, his family and his friends had said. They all said he WAS different. He was unique. That’s what made him special.

He thought about all this until one day he was convinced they were all correct. He was unique and that’s what made him different. There was no one in the entire world like Fred, no one.

It was time to come out of his cocoon and show everyone how special he was. He slowly broke out and spread his wings and shouted to the world: “I am Fred! I am unique! I am special and there’s no one in the world like me!”

With his new found confidence, he learned that everyone was like him in one way. Everyone was special. Everyone was unique. We are all one-of-a-kind. He no longer was shy. He was proud of the Fred he had become. He loved his family, his friends and his teachers even more because he learned that they all were correct all the along.  Now every morning when he wakes up, he gives a loud shout; “I am Fred! Today I will be the best Fred I can be! And nobody can tell me different!”

Brainstorming Ideas

From Steve Wronker
I thought of the idea of taking an Ultra Silk Tube and designing that to look like a magazine. The main side, to look like the cover and back and the other to look like an article. We all read books but there are a lot of magazines that are geared for kids to read.
As a kid, I rolled up a magazine and stuck it in my back pocket so when I got to the park, I could take it out and read.

I don’t know how hard this would be to make, but maybe just gluing pages over an existing tube might do. The plot would be that any book or magazine or anything we read will make us smarter.  As we get smarter and smarter, we are on track to reach our full potential.

As a funny line in this kind of patter, you could say, “As we get smarter, we feel so proud of ourselves, we puff out our chests (plural for the caterpillar) with pride and this leads us to reaching our potential.

From Dorian LaChance
How about the story of the man that helped a butterfly from it’s cocoon? The story goes that as an elderly gentleman sat on a park bench he watched as a butterfly struggled to release itself from a cocoon. The man, concerned for the butterfly, reached over and began to tear at the cocoon to help the butterfly. As he made the final tear freeing the butterfly, it fell to the ground unable to fly.  In fact the butterfly would never fly and would eventually die or be eaten by a predator.

It is the struggle that the butterfly goes through to release itself from the cocoon that causes the blood to pump and fill its wings.  This eventually enables the butterfly to fly. The man, though he thought he was helping the butterfly, only hurt him in the end. You can take it from there with any message about struggles make us stronger, etc.

From Barry
This idea changes the butterfly to the caterpillar.  It’s a strange idea and not as motivational as I would like but it may inspire you.

Eugene the Unhappy Butterfly
Have you ever said, “Wish I hadn’t done that?”  It’s easy to say when we do something wrong that hurts ourselves or someone else.  Sometimes we do something that we regret so much that we live in the past always thinking about what we did.  I’m reminded of a butterfly named Eugene that made such a big mistake he didn’t want to forgive himself.  He constantly thought, “I wish I could go back in time before I did this.  I wish I could crawl back into my cocoon and hide from my mistakes.”

But Eugene can’t go back into his cocoon.  When he burst forth from the cocoon and became a butterfly the cocoon was destroyed.  Eugene couldn’t go back to be a caterpillar and if he really thought about it he wouldn’t want to.

Eugene’s wish to go back wasn’t possible.  What?  He has changed.  This is not good.  This is impossible.  But worse than that is that it’s very sad.  You see Eugene is trying to live in the past because of his mistakes instead of moving forward.  His unwillingness to forgive himself means he will forever crawl around and never again be the butterfly he could be.

Living in the past is really bad.
A world where butterflies can go back is truly sad.

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Fred Content
There is a great deal of content in this post. Be sure to scroll all the way to the bottom to see the print directions and ideas for the butterfly silks.

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