Confessions of a Storyteller Volume 1: The art of taking a good story and making it great with elements of drama and creativity. Throughout history the three greatest forms of communication have been telegraph, telephone, and tell-a-story. Storytelling is one of the greatest forms of educational communication available. The most powerful words in our language are: “Let me tell you a story”.  This live lecture was presented at Circus Magic 2003 in Williamsburg, Virginia.

I was very excited about doing this session at Circus Magic, a convention hosted by Steve Kissell.  However, when the class started we had a VERY SMALL group.  I was up against Dave (Rainbow the Clown.)  Dave is one popular clown.  His class was packed.  If I wasn’t telling stories I would have been in his class too.  We positioned the small audience near the front and had them surround the mic on the camera so it sounded like more laughs on tape.  I learned a valuable lesson.  Don’t go to a clown convention expecting people to hear your stories when you’re up again a clown god.  However, the few in attendance had a great time and I made some lifelong friends at that conference.  It’s all good in the end.

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