This poem was written for teenagers to describe the power of Satan’s temptations.  It is presented as a sketch with a member of the audience playing the part of the person being tempted.  After each verse the tempted stands to his feet and sings that he chooses to live for Jesus and say no to the Devil’s temptations.  The sketch has proven to be very funny for teens and adults as well as inspirational.

This video performance was shot at a FCM Fellowship of Christian Magicians conference. Duane Laflin stepped up to help and knocked it out of the park. He did such a great job and had fun with the bit. He really made it fun.

Delvis is the name and I’m one hot number,
On the demon scene I’m the baddest newcomer.

Got the coolest threads and the best logo,
When it comes to evil I’m in the know.

I’m here to share my immense good fortune,
With this young man I’ll offer a portion.

What’s the cost, what’ll you pay,
A simple fee, just do what I say.

On your knees and bow to me,
The prince of power on land and sea.

NO  I want to live for Jesus, live for Jesus, live for Jesus every day,
I want to live for Jesus , live for Jesus, call on him when I pray.

That’s alright I can see you’re a shopper,
Why hold back, I’m gonna give you the whopper.

My biggest and best temptation you’ll see,
Is the power of sex and I’ll give you the key.

A ladies man and a big bad stud,
Compared to you, Superman would be a dud.

Women will drop at your feet,
And beg for you to make ‘em complete.

What’s your answer, what’ll it be,
You ready to bow down and worship me.

NO – Live for Jesus

So libido may not be your gig,
Possibly power will flip you wig.

Political power and influence I give,
Councilman, mayor, governor, president, Oh what a way to live.

You’ll have it all and the power to yield,
All you have to do is play ball in my field.

Sounds good, I can see it in your eyes,
What’s your answer, are you ready for the prize.

NO – Live for Jesus

You’re a tough cookie, I’ll have to pull out the big gun,
Unlimited cash, now there’s a way to have fun.

All the wealth you won’t believe,
New ways to spend it you’ll have to conceive.

Don’t answer so soon, think for a second,
You can use it to help people, you don’t have to be so decoditant.

Wouldn’t that be special, won’t that be hip,
Go ahead, bow down and worship.

NO – Live for Jesus

Sex, power, money, none of them give you a thrill,
I know who you are, you want to keep your good name, promote good will.

Have no fear, let’s not be rash,
I have the perfect gift, it’s called hypotical hash.

Hypocrisy, that rings your bell,
Look like an angel and live like hell.

All the fruits of a pagan lifestyle,
While pretending to worship the Lord all with a smile.

Don’t be shy I know this is you,
You want this gift, now isn’t that true.

NO – Live for Jesus

I offered you my best and you’re no taker,
Some of my best customers are fakers.

That’s alright you can turn me down now,
But I’ll be back, I’ll get you some how.

Every man has a weakness and I’ll find yours,
You go ahead and live for Jesus and open heart’s doors.

Keep that prayer life open, read and study each day,
Cause next time I’ll be in disguise and I just might take you away.


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