DIY Cosmos Cow
Look up in the sky, it’s a cow trying to fly
Everyone spread the word, one got loose from the herd
It’s amazing for goodness sake. A genuine leather flying steak.
Look what’s happening now, he’s trying to land somehow.
He made it, what a relief. It’s Cosmos Cow, the hero side of beef

That’s me! I’m Cosmos Cow is the world’s only super hero side of beef. Actually, I’m a bull and that’s no cow. I wouldn’t try to steer you wrong. And if you think these puns are over then you should know I’m going to milk it for all I can.

I’m a really friendly bull but don’t make me angry. No one likes a mad cow.  I’m here today to show you a magic trick that I learned while traveling through space.  I have been traveling for years.  I’m a very famous cow.  You may have heard about the time I jumped over the moon.  Mother Goose even wrote a rhyme about it.

My travels have taken me far beyond the milky way.  Some believe I’m the reason our galaxy is called the milky way.  I sometimes spill my milk while flying.  But there’s no need to cry about it.  It’s time for the magic trick.

I brought milk bottles.  Each one is empty.  (Open bottles to show.)  In just a moment I’m going to show you my ability to travel at super cow speed. Faster than any cow you have ever seen. Actually, so fast you won’t be able to see me. That’s what makes it a magic trick. I’ll need a helper to hold the milk. (Choose helper.)

Your job will be to hold the milk bottles.  Each one is empty but in just a moment I’ll put a little yellow star inside one of them.  (Show star silk.) Here’s the best part.  I’m going to show everyone how I do it.  You’ll be able to see it because I’m going to travel in slow motion and tell you what I’m doing as I go.  All you have to do is hold the bottles. It’s time to slow it down so you can see.  (Slowly place silk in fist the same way you would if pushing into thumb tip. Begin to move in a slow motion run toward helper. Place the silks inside one of the bottles then slow motion run back to starting point.)  That’s how it looks in slow motion. Now I’ll do it at full speed. (Remove silk from bottle, return lid and give bottle to help. Take your position and push the silk into your fist/thumb tip. Secure the tip on your thumb and hold the fist out, as if it holds the silk.)

I’m ready. Mr. Helper please choose one of the milk bottles and I’ll put the star inside. (Helper makes a choice and you give a slight twitch.) That’s it. I just ran over and put the star inside the bottle of your choice. I’ll show you. (Open the bottle, put thumb tip inside and remove silk.) I, Cosmos Cow did it again. That’s why I’m the Hero side of Beef.

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