Living the Dream
At this year (1988) in my life, I felt I was living the dream of being a magician. This was between my time as a street magician in New Orleans and Dixie Stampede dinner show in Pigeon Forge, TN. When I look back, I’m horrified by my attitude and style. Over the years, I’ve calmed down a bit and, hopefully, become a little kinder on stage. The jokes are old but funny for this audience. I was a walking book of one-liners. This presentation was for a Drama, Puppetry and Clowning Festival in the Memphis, TN area. These events were held each year for Southern Baptist youth and creative arts ministries. I taught balloon and magic classes at these event for many years. These were the days when making a juggling dog on a unicycle was a big deal. LONG AGO.

The classic clap hands gag. Seems to be timeless.

Raccoon Hat
This is a Karrell Fox idea that I saw him present at a lecture. For this audience, it has a double effect. Tom Toombs, know in Christian performer circles for using Rocky, was performing at this event. I knew he would enjoy it and he got to play off it well in his set.

Chinese Sticks
This is a Terry Seabrook poem with bamboo Chinese Sticks. It’s a clever routine but I never got the audience response from it that Terry did.

Gun Joke
One of my favorite bits that can no longer be used.

Vanishing Bottle
Another classic in the 80’s. I still do a version of it today. CLICK HERE

Rope Routine
This has always been one of my core routines. It has changed over the years but it’s strong magic.

Anderson Newspaper Tear
Another classic. I do have some stupid jokes built in to make it fit my personality.

Final Thoughts
I always closed my shows with a couple one-liners. It was a great way to leave with a laugh.


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