The Ghost Wand was one of my best selling props.  I know it would continue to sell if they were available.  I originally purchased them from a wholesaler who had them made in India.  The quality and the paint work was very poor.  I think he was ashamed to sell them.  I was able to get them at a reasonable price and started to work.  To make each wand, I had to sand off all the baked on paint and tape down to the bare metal.  Then I added a bead of JB Weld adhesive around the edges.  Without this bond, the tube pieces would have fallen apart.  This was one of the weak points of the construction.  When the glue was dry, I could paint the inside and prep the outside.  I wanted the prop to be different than other ghost tubes aka phanto tubes.  Joe Mazzola suggested making it look like a wand.  That was the tip that made it great and different.  The black and white outside of the wand was an adhesive label print applied by a sign company.  It was much more expensive to have this done by a separate company but the quality was far better than I could have accomplished on my own.  I’m very proud of the success of this product and thankfully I kept two for myself.

Although they are no longer available, I think there is a great deal of creative inspiration available by watching the ways the prop has been used.

The first video is from the Think Different Sponge Magic DVD

Live performance of Ghost Wand that was found on youtube.

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