This presentation was part of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians convention. The show contains some of my favorite routines. As with all my shows, I open with my version of the Happy Song. I followed with a very jokes to warm up the family audience. The chickens have really small brains joke actually happened to me. I wrote it on the spot and delivered it for the audience that night. I’ve been using it ever since.

David Ginn is a good friend and I like to rag on him. I created the zipper corn just for this bit. I used the cloth version of the zipper banana and colored it with green markers.

$571 trick. This is the Fujiwara gimmick. I’m using real money for this.

Red Raveled Rope. This took a LOT of time to make and probably wasn’t worth the time. I unravel the ends of the rope, tie it in a knot and color the ends with red marker. Way too much work for this routine. I only performed this routine a few times. I’m glad I have it on tape to remember. After the red routine, I went into my cut & restored/professor’s nightmare routine. Full script below.

Band in a Box. This is the original version of Presto Symphony.

Silver Dollar Sam. This is a very early performance of Sam the Turtle. I’ve learned a great deal about puppets since I started working with Sam. Thankfully Sam is much funnier now.

Gospel Presentation. This performance ends with a gospel presentation.

Red Raveling Rope Script
Here’s a unique way to add a touch of storytelling to the beginning of a cut and restored rope routine.  Cut a length or rope about eight inches longer than you would for your personal cut and restored rope routine.  Tie a knot in the rope about three inches from the ends of the rope.  Unravel the ends of the rope so they look like tassels.  The easiest way to do this is with a pencil simple pulling it through the end of the rope a little at a time.  This does take a few minutes to make so I suggest making several at a time while watching TV.

Use a red sharpie marker to color the tassel ends of the rope.  I have tried MANY ways to color the rope and trust me the best choice is a simple marker and a little time.  I tried dying the rope, painting the rope, using other brands of markers, etc.  I even tried simply tying a red curtain tassel to the ends of the rope and it still didn’t look as good as the red marker version.

The purpose of the idea is to present a story theme and then cut off the ends of the rope, removing the tassels so the cut and restored rope may be performed. YES, all your work will end up in the garbage but it’s a unique routine and worth it.  Wrap the rope in a red bandana or red cloth.

I vanish the tassels “supposedly” inside the red cloth.  I use sleight of hand to do this but you might choose to use a devil hank for this.  A simple devil hank may be made by sewing two bandanas together.  See other magic books for an explanation of a devil hank.

Red raveled rope were the words of a wandering wizard who worked with a rascally rabbit.  (Unwrap the rope from the red cloth as you speak.) But were those words really the reason for his wonders?  That’s the mystery we’ll try to resolve right now.  But first I need a magical helper.  (Choose a volunteer.)

Please say, “Red raveled rope,” three times really fast?  Excellent.  If those words were the reason for the wandering wizard’s wonders, then we should be able to work wonders with the rope.

(Perform a rope trick that allows for the red tassels to be present.  I use the rope thru neck for this.)  Please say the magic words and I’ll see if the rope will pass thru my neck.  Wow, I guess those words do work.  That’s righteous!  Raise the roof, woo, woo, woo.

However, it was believed that the wonder of the rope would be removed if the red raveled ends were removed.  And that’s what happened.

One day a rude rouge from Rhode Island ripped through the red raveled rope removing the ends.  (Cut off ends and give to helper.)  The wandering wizard was ready to rumble.  But the rascally rabbit knew a secret.  He knew the wonder wasn’t in the red raveled rope.  And it wasn’t in the words, “Red raveled rope, red raveled rope, red raveled rope.”  (Pick up red cloth and prepare to vanish the red tassels inside the cloth.  I use a simple palm of the rope ends pretending to toss the ends into the cloth.  I then reach for a wand on my table and ditch the rope ends.)

The wonder could be found in the red rag in which the red raveled rope had been wrapped. If I may borrow the red raveled refuse, I’ll show you what I mean. Watch the red rag. With a mere whisper of rust from a wrinkled woofle, and a wave of my wonder wand the red raveled rope will wanish, I mean vanish. (Deliver the whisper of rust line as you wave the wand over the cloth.)

I guess the wonder really is in the red rag.  Our mystery has been solved and the wandering wizard will continue to work his wonders.  But I have good news.  The rascally rabbit put out a warrant for the arrest of the rude rouge from Rhode Island. They wrapped him up within a week. Righteous! And now we can do wonders too.  As long as the red rag is in view.  (Present your favorite cut and restored rope routine or other effect.)


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