Canned Corn – Super Screen or Temple Screen Presentation
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Artwork for this effect is included with download DVD. Studio Scholars may order full DVD with all art at 50% OFF 

I love uni-corns so much I have a collection of my favorite uni-corn pictures. You do realize that uni means one, so a unicorn is one corn. (Show corn pictures on super screen.)

I have Corn on the cob, Pop Corn, Acorn, Candy Corn, Corn bread and Corn hole. Corn hole is a game where you throw bean bags at a hole in a piece of wood. No one knows who invented it, but it’s likely they had absolutely NOTHING else to do.  

Now it’s time for some uni-corn magic. I’ll use my favorite magic ear of corn wand. The corn will appear from the pictures.
(Begin to produce unicorn horns) Wait, that’s not an ear of corn. That’s a unicorn horn. Something has gone wrong. (Continue to produce horns.) Not sure I like this. It’s a little corny. Jimmy cracked corn and I didn’t care about that one either.

I didn’t want unicorn horns. I don’t even like unicorns. I’m so sorry the magic didn’t work. Wait a minute. Maybe if I wave these unicorn horns over the pictures, I can get real corn. (Final load is can of corn) Yay, it’s canned corn. Yummy.

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