Dragon Eggs from Amazon

This is a fun presentation idea for a sponge egg production. Sponge eggs are available in a variety of colors from Timothy Pressley. I chose yellow because a painted face in black shows up best. Painting the eggs is not necessary but it sets up for the final line of the script. A cardboard box is made to a specific size for $2 gimmick to work correctly and allow the inside of the box to be shown. Small foam balls may be glued to the cardboard panel to look like the small eggs. Or paint small dots on the panel. A container may be necessary to place the eggs in during production.

Do you know where dragon eggs come from? A dragon? No, Amazon. They sell everything. I ordered a box. (Open box and show inside to audience briefly.) Dragon eggs are very small for storage purposes, but they grow with heat. Eventually they get big enough to hatch. You do realize I’m making this stuff up, right? (Yellow dots on cardboard in bottom of box.)

You can barely see them stuck to the bottom of the box. (Move cardboard bottom of box to one side in order for $2 gimmick to be released.) I’ll add some heat so we can see them grow. (Hold toy torch under box. Release $2 gimmick so the box fills with sponge eggs.) It’s soft shell dragon eggs. Do you know how to tell they are dragon eggs? (Show face on an egg.) They have a face only a dragon could love.


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