Dragon Fireball Factory
Artwork for this effect is included with download DVD. Studio Scholars may order full DVD with all art at 50% OFF 

Special Thanks to Steve Petra for his help with this presentation.
This presentation uses the Great Green Growing Machine prop and red sponge balls. The prop is made from a paint can. DIY project details are explained on the video chapter. Art has also been created for the dragon add on for the can. Art may be found in the Art Files Folder.


I took my dragon with me to trick or treat at Halloween. He was not happy. He didn’t get a single piece of candy that he likes. I made him a deal. If he gave me all his candy, I would make him a magic candy factory.

He agreed and I got all his candy. (Pour candy out of can into a bowl.) Of course, I have to change his candy bucket into a candy factory. That won’t be easy.

He wants a very unusual candy. Do you know a dragon’s favorite candy? (Show box of red hots) It’s cinnamon red hots. But he doesn’t want this size. He wants JUMBO FIREBALLS OF DOOM! The first thing I did was make his fireball factory fun. So, I added a dragon. Now the fireballs can appear right in the belly of the beast. That was the easy part.

The difficult part is determining the correct combination of II. That’s Imagination Ingredients. You might think sugar, cinnamon and red food coloring is all you need. But in the imagination ingredient world, the ingredients are colors. That is, colors of imagination. Get ready to use your imagination. (Red dot) When you see this you might imagine it to be cherry or strawberry or cinnamon. (Add green dot) If I add this you might imagine watermelon. (Remove red dot) Remove this and it might be lime. If you have a really good imagination it might be kiwi or even broccoli. Yummy.

(Blue dot) If I use this you might imagine blueberry. (Add black dot) If I add this you might imagine blackberry. (Orange dot) What do you imagine now? I’m imagining carrot cake. (Add yellow) Do you see what I see? Carrot cake with mustard sauce. Yummy.

Now that you see how your imagination works, what combination of imagination ingredients should we use for the JUMBO FIREBALLS OF DOOM? I’ll try this and this. (First production from can is a single green ball) No. That’s not a JFD! That a jumbo green pea that smells like tuna fish. Yuck.

Let’s try again. How about this combination. (Single blue ball) It’s a jumbo blue gumball (Lick ball) and it tastes like turkey gravy. Jumbo Yuck! I think I know the correction combination. (Place black and blue dots on can. Begin to produce red sponge balls.) It worked. JUMBO FIREBALLS OF DOOM! This will make my dragon very happy. If a dragon eats these, he gets warm and fuzzy inside. If we eat these, we turn black on the inside and our face turns blue. If you see someone with a blue face, tell them to lay off the JUMBO FIREBALLS OF DOOM!

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