The Goose That Laid Giant Green Gumballs

See video explanation for full description of all props and DIY instructions.

Have you heard the story of the goose that laid giant green gumballs? What? Golden eggs! No. She laid giant green gumballs. What would you do with a golden egg? You can’t eat it. But giant green gumballs are candy coated chewable goodness.

The farmer that owned the goose loved her. He called her Goose. Because she wasn’t a duck. He sold the gumballs to gumball machine companies. The companies were able to charge more because the giant green gumballs are GMO . . . Goose Modified Orbs. All other gumballs are non-GMO. Not as popular.

Each night the farmer would place a little empty basket in the goose’s nest. The next morning, he would remove the basket and carefully empty the gumballs into a big gumball bowl. (Remove two or three sponge balls from basket.)

The farmer and the goose were doing very well. The farmer loved the goose and he made her a beautiful nest with a soft memory foam blanket. The goose had all she wanted of her favorite foods, green eggs and tuna fish. I agree, that’s nasty.

Everything was fine until someone shared a picture of the goose on Instagram. In no time, there were lines of people wanting to see the goose and get a selfie. One of the selfie takers decided the goose might be a feathered candy factory for him. He thought, if green eggs and tuna fish will make gumballs, maybe jalapenos and kool-aid will make jellybeans. Who knows what might come out of that goose, if you change what you put in a goose?

So, he stole the goose. (Spooky music here) He threw her in a cage with no blanket and no green eggs or tuna fish. He tried to get her to eat something different. He tried pickles in grape juice, but she wouldn’t eat. He tried pizza with pistachios, but she wouldn’t touch it. He tried garbanzo beans . . . by themselves, but she still wouldn’t eat it. She simply would not eat. She became weaker and weaker and the thief became more and more angry. Eventually, he took her back to the farm and left her on the farmer’s porch in the middle of the night.

The next morning the farmer found her and placed her on her soft blanket. He gave her green eggs and tuna fish and she started to eat. She regained her strength.

When the farmer posted the news on Facebook, there were over a million smile emoji reactions. Some people even commented, “Because of the goose, I started eating green eggs and tuna fish.” That’s still nasty.

Many have tried to figure out how someone could be so mean and greedy to steal a goose that lays gumballs. How could someone try to feed so many different things to the goose to get a different response?

Someone asked the farmer why the goose lays giant green gumballs when she eats green eggs and tuna fish. The farmer said, “The secret of the goose isn’t what she eats, it’s what she feels. When she feels love, she gives her best. In the case of the goose, her best is giant green gumballs.”

The farmer continued to place an empty basket in her nest each night. (Turn basket upside down to show empty. Hold $2 gimmick inside with fingers.) Each morning he would remove the basket and fill up the gumball bowl. (Open the gimmick and begin to remove the balls from the box. Continue telling the story while producing balls.)

I suppose the real question is, what do you do when you feel love? Next time you see a green gumball, remember the goose and show a little love to someone around you. One more thing, I personally don’t recommend green eggs and tuna fish. That’s still nasty.

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