Five Buck Rug Ride

Crayon-ola with trash can art covering the crayon. Other props include red silks with pieces of yarn tied to the corners, clear plastic ice chips, a tote bag change bag, a $5 bill and five reindeer finger puppets. Change bag is preset with reindeer finger puppets on one side and silk and bottle on the other. $5 bill is accessible. Ice chips are inside crayon-ola with preset duplicate silk on gimmick. Key ring is used to hold silk in place. DIY silkola may be used. See Trash-O-La video. All props are explained in video chapters.

Five Buck Script
I love to tell stories. I also love to make them up. Sometimes I just look around and see things that catch my attention and I imagine a story. I once saw a dog, a bird and a sand bucket. I imagined a story about a birddog on vacation.

One day after a show, a man handed me a small trash can and a bag with a bottle and a piece of cloth. He said, “I bet you can’t imagine a story with this stuff.” I said, “I have five bucks that says I can. (Hold up $5 bill.) And if you don’t like the story, I’ll give you five bucks.” He simply said, “Deal.” (Start to remove the bottle and silk from the tote bag change bag.) Then, he said, “By the way, the cloth has pieces of yarn tied to the corners and the trash can has fake plastic rocks inside. Get ready to give me five bucks.” (Pour rocks from crayon-ola on table.) Sure enough, the can had plastic rocks.

Wow, that was a challenge. You want to hear the story? The first thing you need to know about imagining a story is that what YOU see can be anything YOU want it to be. These plastic rocks might be something completely different.

Once upon a time, there lived a handsome young wizard with beautiful wavy hair. Remember, it’s my story and I can imagine myself anyway I want. The wizard had his own magic flying carpet. (Hold up silk in one hand and rocks in the other.) Tied in the corners of the carpet were the four largest diamonds in the world.

The wizard fell in love with the Sultan’s daughter, the beautiful princess. She also had beautiful wavy hair. They were a perfect match. He would fly over and say, “Hey baby, come take a ride on my magic carpet.”

The Sultan wasn’t happy. He didn’t want his daughter to marry a wizard. Especially one who would obviously lose his hair, get old and gain weight. So, the Sultan ordered his guards to take the magic carpet and rip the diamonds from the corners. The carpet was buried in a dark pit in a far away land. (Place silk in change bag.) The Sultan even gave his head guard five bucks to make sure it was buried deep. (Place bill in change bag with silk.)

The young wizard, excuse me, young handsome wizard, was arrested and imprisoned in a lamp. He could only leave the lamp if the diamonds and the carpet were together again. To make it worse, the Sultan ordered the diamonds to also be placed inside the lamp. (Place rocks in bottle.) The diamonds would be a reminder that the wizard would never be able to fly to the princess again. (Place lid on bottle.) The lamp was sealed shut and thrown into a dark cave. (Place bottle in crayon-ola.) It seemed that all was lost.

The people of the kingdom loved the wizard. When they heard what had happened, they began to chant the wizard’s favorite magic word. Over and over they said his magic word in hopes it might set him free. The wizard’s word was “cornbread.” The people chanted it over and over. Cornbread, cornbread, cornbread could be heard all over the kingdom. The Sultan was furious. But he was powerless to stop rise of cornbread in the land.

The wizard’s magic carpet APPEARED (Remove bottle from crayon-ola.) inside the lamp with the diamonds. (Shake bottle so rocks may be heard. Remove bottle cap. There’s no need to remove the silk and rocks since they can be seen and heard.) The wizard was set free to fly to his princess.

The Sultan ordered his guards to go the pit and search for the carpet. (Open change bag to remove toy reindeer.) All they found was one, two, three, four, five bucks. Reindeer bucks. (Turn bag inside out.) The carpet was gone. And so was the Sultan’s daughter.  That’s the way it happened in my imagination. By the way, I gave the guy the five bucks. The five reindeer bucks.

Rocks and Rag (Original Version)
This script and videos are in the studio ONLY. After shooting the video and sharing it with friends, we realized it’s TOO COMPLICATED and confusing. I rewrote the story in a simpler version without the carpet riding washing machine. Hated to lose the fun of that, but it had no purpose to get the effect to an understandable conclusion. These videos are here for studio members to see how I reworked a confusing script and tried to make it into something understandable.

Rocks and Rag (Original Version)
Crayon-Ola with stone wall covering is used. Red silks and four small stones in bottle. Change bag preset with toy deer on one side and empty on the other. $5 bill accessible to put in change bag with silk. DIY Silkola may be used. See Trash-O-La video. All props are explained in video chapters.

When I was young, I had a favorite fairy tale book. (Show book with fake cover. I used a toy ring tied to a ribbon as a bookmark. This is explained on video.) This is it. Big Bob’s Discount Rugs, Rags and Remnants. Home of the world’s only magic carpet ride. It has a piece of the magic carpet with a genuine imitation fake plastic diamond on the end. I added that part.

Big Bob was a carpet salesman. In the front of the store was an old washing machine with rolls of carpet on top. For 25 cents you could sit on the carpet and the machine would jiggle for two minutes. Every Saturday was half price hotdogs and free carpet rides for the kids.

Big Bob’s son, Little Bob, fell in love with the City Mayor’s daughter. The Mayor was not happy. He didn’t want his daughter to marry the son of a rug salesman and have little rug rats. So, he sent his daughter to school on the other side of the state. He had someone lie to say Little Bob had stolen valuable diamonds. Little Bob was thrown in jail and the young lovers never rode the magic carpet again. THE END. One of my favorite fairy tales.

However, the story of Little Bob in the jailhouse now isn’t true. It’s a topical rewrite of the story that happened over 2000 years ago in downtown Bagdad. Would you like to hear the story of the Rocks and a Rag?

This is the true fairy tale of a king and his daughter, the princess, who fell in love with a rug rat. The boy and his father sold carpets. But the boy had his own secret magic carpet. It actually flew. The corners of the carpet had large diamonds. The carpet would only fly at the boy’s command. It was possible because the carpet was enchanted by the boy’s mother, a good sorceress.

She had taken a small carpet rag and tied small pieces of worthless rock to the corners. When she put the rocks and the rag together with a magic enchantment, the rag became a carpet and the rocks became diamonds. Without the diamonds, the carpet could not fly. Without the carpet, the diamonds had no value. The rocks and rag needed each other.

The princess and the young boy fell in love. Everyone say, “Awe.” The couple wanted to fly away on the magic carpet. However, the king found out. He did not want to lose his daughter to a rug rat. The king sent his soldiers to arrest the boy. When the boy tried to fly away on his magic carpet, the soldiers grabbed the diamonds and they were ripped off the carpet. The magic carpet was useless.

The king discovered the carpet had been enchanted. He ordered the rocks to be sealed in a bottle. (Place rocks inside bottle.) The carpet, now a rag, was sent to the other side of the earth so the two parts could never be together again. (Show silk.)

The king ordered his evil sorcerer to imprison the young boy inside the bottle with the rocks. He would forever be a servant to whoever owned the bottle. The boy became a Genii in a bottle and the rocks were there as a reminder of his lost love. The bottle was locked in a castle fortress. (Point out Crayon-Ola covered to look like castle tower.)

This Genii in a bottle is different from the stories you’ve seen in the movies. This Genii is only able to grant one wish to the owner of the bottle, not three. If someone uses their wish to set him free, he will be released to be with the princess, and the rag will magically return to the bottle with the rocks so they may be restored into the magic carpet. But, no one has been willing to give up their only wish to set the Genii free.

(Choose helper) I need a wish maker. In just a moment you get to make a wish. So, listen closely so you will know what is at stake.

I’m giving you the deed of ownership. I suppose we will see if you choose a good deed or not. I’ll place the genii bottle with the rocks inside the stone fortress. (Place bottle, with rocks, inside the Crayon-Ola can.)

Inside this empty bag I’m placing five bucks. (Place $5 bill in change bag along with silk. Opposite side of bag has five toy deer bucks.) You know what’s in the bag. You only have one wish. You can wish for the five bucks for yourself or wish for the genii to have his freedom. If you wish for the genii to have his freedom, the rag will magically leave the bag and go to the bottle, but you won’t get the five bucks. What is your wish?

(Wish for freedom) You have chosen well. Let’s check the bottle inside the stone fortress. (Remove bottle so silk can be seen inside.) The rag is now with the rocks so they may be restored into a magic carpet.

Of course, this means you don’t get the five bucks. Or do you? Maybe the genii left you a gift because of your choice to set him free. (Show bag to reveal five toy deer) Oh deer, the genii really did leave you a treasure. Five little deer bucks. Can you imagine how valuable and rare plastic toy deer would have been 2000 years ago? Enjoy your five bucks.

(Wish for money) You have chosen to take the bucks and leave the genii in the bottle. Definitely not a good deed. Let’s get your five bucks. Oh deer, there may be another genii at work here today. You do get the five bucks. They are five toy deer bucks. I guess that choice didn’t work out so well for you. But the rag is gone. Could it be that it has returned to the bottle and the genii is free anyway? (Show bottle to reveal silk inside.) Maybe that other genii set the boy free. (Whisper) I’m the other genii.

(Closing line is the same for either choice) By the way, those toy deer are worth about 25 cents. If you ever run across Big Bob’s Discount Rugs, Rags & Remnants you might be able to trade them for a magic carpet ride.

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