Unicorn Floss
Zipper change bag with large lips cut out over hole of bag. You may choose to make this from foam core, wood or PVC plastic. Foam core board would probably work for a small number of shows. Thin PVC plastic would be the best option if you have a sign shop near by. A 2-inch X 16-foot rainbow streamer is used to represent rainbow floss. You may choose a 4-inch wide streamer, but it will take up space that could be used for toys. Small toys are used to represent unicorn foods.

To easily find the end of the rainbow streamer, attach a piece of tape or safety pin of some type, making one end different. On the other end of the streamer attach a sold green silk that has been shredded to look like leaf lettuce.

Some adults say unicorns poop rainbows. That’s not true. Adults can be so nasty. Actually, unicorns eat rainbows. No, I’m kidding. But they do floss with rainbows. I’ll prove it. I have the actual mouth of my unicorn. No, I’m kidding. It’s my neighbor’s unicorn. No, I’m kidding.  Actually, my middle name is Kidding. No, I’m kidding. It’s my mother’s name.

My unicorn wouldn’t allow me to borrow his mouth. He suggested I use this bag instead. (Reach completely through zipper change bag.) If it were a real unicorn, I wouldn’t be able to push my arm all the way down his throat. Yuck!

I’ll prove unicorns floss with rainbows. There’s probably some rainbow floss in here now. We can examine the floss and find out what unicorns eat. (Reach into bag and struggle to pull out a small mermaid toy. Any toy could be used to fit your script.) I knew it! Unicorns eat mermaids. That’s why there’s a mermaid shortage. Let me try again. There must be some floss in here somewhere. (Pull out a small amount of rainbow streamer.) Here it is. A piece of unicorn floss. Proof that unicorns floss with rainbows. (Begin to slowly pull streamer from bag.) Wow, this unicorn does a lot of flossing. (Add more random objects to produce while pulling out streamer. Each unusual object adds to the humor.) What is this? It’s a silly putty egg! Unicorns don’t eat silly putty. That’s just silly. (Pull more streamer and find another toy.) It’s a rubber duck. Unicorns don’t eat rubber ducks. That’s re-duckulous.

(Struggle to pull out end of streamer. Pull out with a green silk tied to the end.) Now I know why there is so much floss. He was trying to get a piece of lettuce out of his teeth. Yuck. Now you know the true story. Unicorns don’t eat rainbows. They floss with them. And I’m not kidding. That’s my mother’s name.


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