The Upside Down Wishing Well
Order $100 BILL SILKS

This is a different use for the silkola effect. It is being used as a production item instead of transposition of silks. Watch the video to see all the props and the presentation.

Have you heard of a wishing well? Some people believe if you toss pennies in a well and make a wish, your wish will come true. (Pour pennies from crayon-ola can.) The same people believe making a wish and blowing out the birthday candles works too. I’ve done it over 50 times and . . . NOTHING!

However, this well is different. It’s an upside down wishing well. With one of these, you put your pennies in a bottle and put the well over the bottle. Then you make a wish. It’s never worked for me. But I’m just one wisher. What would happen if we all wished for something at the same time? Who wants ice cream? Wait. We need to wish for something better than ice cream. After all, it’s a small bottle. There isn’t enough room in here for enough ice cream for everyone.

Let’s wish for 10,000 pennies. Say it with me, 10,000 pennies . . . (Cover bottle, uncover to reveal silk inside bottle.) It’s a $100 bill. That’s 10,000 pennies. But it’s not real. It’s just a piece of cloth. That’s what happens when you wish on an upside down wishing well.

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