Flag-O-Matic was created in 2001.  It is one of the many tricks that have helped to build my name in the children’s entertainment community.  For years I was known as the guy who made stuff with PVC pipe.  All the kidding was due to this effect.  I was blessed to sell quite a few of these and also quite sick because of it.  I didn’t know at the time that the fumes from cutting PVC can be dangerous.  I cut a lot of PVC without breathing protection.  Now I wear a respirator whenever I build PVC props such as Pipe Dream, created in 2016.  It took weeks before we realized it was the PVC fumes that were making me sick.  Lesson learned.

Following the video directions for Flag-O-Matic 2.0 is a demo of the original and the original directions.  I encourage you to watch this video before watching the instructions for FOM 2.0.

This post contains all the video footage for Flag-O-Matic.  The PDF book and additional instructions are available within the download of the DIY DVD.  This is available to Studio Scholars for 50% Off.  You must place your order by placing the DVD download in your CART from this post.  The discounted download is not available on my website.

The PDF Instructions book is very helpful in building this project.  It is part of the Download DVD.  Although all video footage is in the Studio, PDF instructions and templates are only available in the downloads.  This is why Studio Scholars get the downloads for 50% Off.  However, we’re giving you an even better deal on this DIY DVD.  You can get the download for only $15.  Retails is $35 and that includes performance rights.  Be sure to order the download within the Studio to get the lower price.

Flag-O-Match 2.0 Demo

Mis Made Logic

Building the Wood

Bells, Buzzers & Bling

Building the PVC

Flag Pole

Tools Needed

Shopping List

Setting Up

Rainbow Maker

Powder Puff

The Original Flag-O-Matic

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