Get Ahead
Get A-Head is a unique twist on the classic silk to egg. It’s more fun than a kick in the head and no eggs are harmed! A 12-inch orange silk is pushed into your fist as you proclaim you will change its color; however, the silk disappears and a small skull is in its place. The silk is shown to have jumped to your pocket. Offer to explain the secret of the trick to the audience by revealing you have a hollow head. No, you have a hollow plastic skull head and two orange silks. Repeat the trick, but this time the silk really does change color. The audience sees you push an orange silk in the head but it has changed to black. But wait, you pulled this black silk out too fast and on the center of the silk is a picture of a brain. Now that’s a smart finish. Get A-Head is fun, easy to perform, and great for spooky shows or any time. You would have to have a hole in your head not to enjoy this effect. Don’t worry though; we’ll supply a head with a hole. 

Password to watch video is head (all lowercase)

Silk to Head
This effect is very deceptive and there’s no messy egg.  I created the idea while working on my “Duh, Why Didn’t I Think of That?” book.  I felt so clever thinking of the idea of switching the silk instead of the egg. Then Tim Sonefelt told me switching the silks, instead of a fake egg for a real egg, is an Edwin Hooperidea.  Oh, well.  But I don’t think he used small skulls.

Get A-Head
Presentation and Instructions
 (An empty skull is palmed in your left hand.  An orange silk is in the right hand.  The other skull is loaded with the black brain silk inside and it is in the bottom of the left front pants pocket.  The second orange silk is also inside the left pants pocket.)  Watch closely and I will show you a classic magic trick called the color changing scarves.  I begin with a simple orange scarf.  (Push the silk inside the skull, which is palmed in your left hand.)   As I push the orange scarf into my fist you will see it change color.  (Push silk completely inside skull.  Make the final push with your thumb and transfer the skull from the left hand to the right.  This is shown clearly on the demo DVD.  Display the skull in the right hand while showing the left hand empty.)

  Oops, the scarf is gone and all I have is this shrunken head.  Well ain’t that a kick in the head.   This is Skully.  He’s not just any head.  He’s a rare shrunken head from the jungles of Africa.  He’s made of the finest plastic.  No, I’m kidding.  He’s made in China like everything else.  The orange scarf is now in my pocket.  (Remove second orange silk from pocket.)  The real trick is getting the scarf into my pocket.

  Would you like to have a head’s up (toss head in air) on how this trick is done?  When you learn the secret, will you promise not to get the big head?  Okay, here it is.  My head has a hole in it!  No, not my head. (Point to your own head.)  This head. (Hold up skull.)

  I pushed the orange scarf inside the head.  Don’t try this at home.  It will give you a really bad headache.  (Remove silk from skull.)  I have two scarves.  I placed one in my pocket before the show.  (The left hand should be holding one silk.  The right hand holds the skull and second silk.  The left hand places the orange silk in the left pocket.  The second skull with the black brain silk inside is palmed in the left hand and removed from the pocket.  The empty skull is now transferred from the right hand to the left and placed on top of the palmed skull.)

  I placed the skull in my hand.  I kept it hidden so you couldn’t see it.  But I’ll hold it up a little so you can see what I’m doing.  (Suggesting you will allow the audience to see the skull offers a reason why you are holding the skull up in the hand and eliminates suspicion and any concern about palming both heads.)

  Next I pushed the orange scarf into the head.  All that was left to do was show the head and reach into my pocket to get my second scarf.  (As the final portion of the scarf is pushed into the skull, push the entire skull down in the palm forcing the second skull, with the black brain silk, out the bottom of your left palm.  Use the right hand thumb to make the final push so the skull with black silk is pushed into the right hand.  Show the skull in the right hand as you reach into your pocket with the left hand. Leave the skull with the orange silk behind in your pocket and remove the duplicate orange silk.  You are now clean of gimmicks in order to reveal the black brain silk from the skull.)

  That’s a pretty good trick, but if you really want to get ahead of your audience, you’ll need to actually change the color of the scarf like this. (Pull a corner of the black silk up out of the skull so the color may be seen.)  However, when you remove the scarf, be sure not to pull too fast.  (Remove the remaining silk quickly.)  You might get the brain with it.  (Open black silk to show print of brain.)  Now that’s a smart trick that really turns heads!

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