The Great Green Growing Machine has no moving parts. It’s an empty paint pail painted . . . GREEN! Nothing about it appears great. However, if something is placed on the outside, it appears on the inside. It GROWS on the inside! Place a flat color dot on the outside and it grows to a 3D ball on the inside. Six color dots grow on the inside and after each one the can is empty again. But wait, there’s more. Remove all the color dots and the can is . . . green! The can is now filled with green balls! But wait, there’s more. Place a picture of a smile on the outside and guess what appears on the inside. It’s a 24-inch X 36-inch Smile Banner! This effect is sure to create screams and smiles. Comes with Green can, sixteen green balls, six assorted color balls, six magnetic color dots, smile banner, lid with smile, gimmicked paper bag and special gimmick. Clear paint can not included. Easy access online video instructions with password.

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A new way to add Smile Maker to the Great Green Growing Machine

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No Moving Parts
By Steve Petra
  This is the Great Green Growing Machine also known the GGGM. As you may know, a machine has moving parts, but the Great Green Growing Machine has NO parts. In fact, as you can see it’s EMPTY
It’s an empty can. It doesn’t appear to be growing and how GREAT can that be? But what color is it?  That’s right, it’s GREEN and that’s the secret to its GROWING GREATNESS.
I’ll show you what this can – can do! Whatever I put on the outside of the can, grows on the inside of the can! (Attach a flat dot to the outside, which results into a three dimensional ball of the same color growing inside the can. Continue with different colors and each time a ball grows inside.)
But wait there’s more. If I take away all of the colored dots, I’m still left with one color… green. Things that are green, GROW. Remember Green is the secret of this machine’s Growing Greatness. We use the word Green when we talk about plants that grow, but also many other useful green things in our lives from energy to dog toys.
So if Green is our Growing color and the outside is green, inside should be (Pull out first green ball) … Green … and it’s growing.
(Produce second green ball and on and on. If you use a helper, their reaction of looking in the can and seeing all the green balls will certainly add to the impact of the routine. Send helper back to audience) Thank you for helping us grow our green.
But there’s more!

When I make my life, and what I do and how I do it, more green, it makes me Smile (Smiley lid goes on front of can.) and even a smile can GROW (Smile banner from empty can.)

Character Can Script
  This is a character can. It’s green because good character grows here. I’ll show you what I mean. If I look in a mirror, I see a reflection of what I look like. The mirror shows me what you can see too. Character is the reflection of my actions. When you see how I act, you’re seeing my character.

This character can will take a simple action and make it grow. We’ll begin with an empty can. I have a bag of actions. (Red dot) This is LOVE. When I share a little LOVE with others, it grows. (Show ball)

(Orange dot) This is LAUGHTER. One little laugh with a friend can become a belly laugh. It grows. (Show ball)

(Blue dot) This is KINDNESS. You may have heard someone say, “Just share a little kindness.” It works because a little kindness can grow. (Show ball)

(Yellow dot) This is CHEERFULNESS. Just like sharing kindness, we can also share a little cheerfulness. It grows. (Show ball)

My character can reminds me that I can continue to grow. (Begin producing green balls) And grow and grow and grow . . . All this good character really makes me smile. (Banner)

  I recently finished a painting project and I had an empty paint can left. I wondered if there was anything I could do with the can other than throw it away. Here’s what I did. I cleaned the can really well so it was empty of all the old paint. I decided to paint it green because green means GO on the traffic light. Green means GROW in the flower garden. And green means GROSS if you don’t clean your nose.

Now that I have a really green paint can, I wondered how I might use it. It could be a TRASH CAN where trash should GO. It could be a FLOWER POT where flowers GROW. It could be a SOCK CAN where socks stink. That’s GROSS. P U! I decided to make it the GREAT GREEN GROWING MACHINE.

This is the great green growing machine. As you may know, a machine has many moving parts, but this machine has no parts. In fact, as you can see, it’s empty. It’s an empty bucket, it doesn’t appear to be growing and how great can that be – but what color is it? It’s Green and that’s the secret to its growing greatness. (Follow the basic routine seen in the videos online.)

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