JFK – Just For KIDabra
This DVD was made for the 2016 lecture at the Pigeon Forge, TN KIDabra conference.  It was sold to KIDabra members only.  However, since the studio will contain the entire Barry Mitchell library, it’s here for you.

Fold down wire basket found on Amazon. It is a Kikkerland Folding Wire Basket. CLICK HERE

Fried Chick Pag
This method makes it VERY easy to load the balls in chick pan.

Presentation Script
I did a little reading and here’s what I discovered.  This little book looks so innocent with its “one fish” in the title. However, when you dive in deeper, you see the real catch.  Apparently there’s more than one fish in the sea.  I wanted to bring some fish but I have a cat.  Do you know what happens when you have a house with a cat and a fish? (Show clown prop fish bones.)  I brought fish eggs instead.  They are really big fish eggs but did you see the size of those fish bones?  What do you expect?

You don’t have to be in a fish school to know this book isn’t about fish at all. It’s about MATH!  Let me show you.

(One at a time, transfer the sponge balls from small basket/fish bowl to large basket as you describe the fish.)

(I have listed the script in bullet point order because it aids in my memory of the script.  For the first few shows, I had a copy of this portion on the table beside me.  It wasn’t as important to miss a finger or hump in the next portion of script as it was to miss a ball when there should be twenty-five.)

You have:
1 fish then 2 fish
1 red 1 blue.  That’s 5 fish.  But that’s not all.  You have:
1 black 1 another blue
1 old 1 new
1 little star 1 little car.  He you ever been in a car after a fish was driving?  All the seats are wet!
1 sad 1 glad 1 bad
1 thin 1 fat
1 likes to run 1 two feet 1 four feet 1 six feet
1 even more feet
1 fast 1 slow
1 high 1 low

That’s twenty-five fish and it’s just the first fifteen pages of the book!  But the math doesn’t stop with fish.  There are fingers and humps and bikes and beds. There’s a Nook with a cookbook and a line of sleep walking sheep.  There are boxers, can openers, singers and some guy with an ink-drinking problem.  Did you hear me?  He drinks INK!  That’s a problem!  I hate to even mention the bunch of little yellow fellows with hair growth issues.  They can’t stay out of the barbershop.

And there’s one funny feller whose name is Ish.  That’s I S H!  Have you ever met anyone named Ish?  I don’t think there’s an Ish in the entire state of Tennessee!  He has the strangest dish.  He can wish upon his dish for ANOTHER fish! (Chick pan loaded with balls) All he does is wave his hands with a swish swish and he gets a big dish of fish!

If I had a dish and I had a wish you can be certain and sure that I would NOT wish for FISH!  (Open chick pan)  Be careful what you wish for.

Special Thanks to Sherry Grant for her help with this presentation.  She performed it before me and we worked out some of the issues to make it a fun presentation.

Live Performance from a church show

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