2017 KAX – KID Talk
Personality: Pick it & Pitch it
I’m fat, of average intelligence and the closest thing to white trash in this room!

However, I know my strengths.  I’ve learned what it means to Pick it & Pitch it.  My strengths are partially who I am and the rest is who I’ve chosen to become.

Since I don’t know you, I can’t tell you who you are.  I can only share what the realization of my strengths has done to change my business.  I believe knowing who you are and selling THAT can change your business as well.

I like people.  I enjoy creating relationships with people.  I enjoy helping people.  That’s who I am.  I didn’t pick that . . . THAT picked me.

I like to create stuff.  I like to play and build stuff.  I didn’t pick that . . . THAT picked me.  The part I picked was a name for THAT.  I’m the “The Creative Nice Guy.”

I realize it sounds simple but knowing THAT, changed my business.

I’ll speak about my product business in place of my entertainment business.  Those of you that know me know more about my product line than my show business.  I want to give you a peek behind the curtain of Barry Mitchell Products to see the real secrets.

It should be understood, the same logic that applies to my product business applies to your entertainment business.

There’s a reason my business name is Barry Mitchell Products and not Tricks for Kids or something similar.  The reason is because I’m not really selling tricks for kids.  I’m selling the “The Creative Nice Guy. . . Barry Mitchell.”

You might say my business USP, Unique Selling Proposition, is “Creative magic and storytelling tools for family and educational entertainers.”  However, that statement could probably apply to several businesses.  Our fictional Tricks for Kids could be selling the same thing.

When someone buys one of my products the first time, they are a customer looking for a tool.  The second time they are still a customer.  But if they keep coming back they are changing from a customer to a friend.

You can buy a magic trick from Tricks for Kids but it’s a totally different relationship when you’re friends with the The Creative Nice Guy.

My product business is built on one core belief; “It’s ALWAYS about relationships.”  The bottom line is, THE CREATIVE NICE GUY WANTS TO BE YOUR FRIEND.  If I didn’t truly feel that way, it would be hard to fake it.

I really do like people.  Remember, THAT is who I am.  However, I like some more than others.  THAT might be because of who the people are.

So for my personality I pick . . . the creative nice guy.  Now that I know who I am, ALL my business decisions focus on being the creative nice guy.

There’s a reason for everything we do in business.  At least there should be.  Here’s a peek behind the curtain, if I do a post on Facebook it’s a business post.  If I post a picture of my dinner, you can bet there’s a business reason I did it.  It always leads toward YOU SEEING The Creative Nice Guy.

Let me give you some examples from my business.  If you place a mail order with me, I will do my best to get it in the mail to you the same or next day.  That makes you, the customer, feel special.  It’s also outside of the norm of many magic mail order businesses.  Of course I can’t always do that.  If I can’t, I’ll tell you so we have good communication.

I put candy in all my orders.  Of course I need something that will ship as flat as possible but it also needs to be a candy that my customer will connect with.  There are certain candies that bring back memories of our childhood.  I want a gift that creates both a “that was nice” response and an emotional response if possible.

If you order something from me and you have a problem, I will make it right.

Two quick examples
When I first introduced the Pop Up Production trick with multi colored sponge balls, I explained on the website and on the DVD with the trick that when sponge balls are wet the colors will bleed over.  Therefore, red can bleed over on yellow.

A customer ordered the trick and then called me.  He was furious.  According to him, his balls looked horrible after bleeding on each other.  He could NEVER perform this trick again.

Here’s what went on in my head.

  1. He’s angry, there’s no need to pick a fight with him.
  2. I clearly explained this would happen as well as explained that this wouldn’t be noticeable to the audience because it’s a production trick, not a close up trick.
  3. I had no obligation to do anything.

Here’s what I said.
“Sir I’m sorry this has happened.  Let me give you some options.  I can mail you an all red version so you can still do the trick and the bleeding problem won’t be an issue.  Or I can refund your money in full.  What would you like?”

Here’s what he said as his voice calmed down, “Well I wasn’t meaning I wanted a refund.  I just wanted you to know I’m very unhappy.  So don’t worry about it, I’ll figure something out.”

Here’s what I did.

  1. I sent him a full refund and an all red version.
  2. I created a second version of the trick called the All Red version and explained the reason for the product. That’s what a creative nice guy would do. Did it cost me money?  Yes.  Was it worth it?  In the beginning, I wasn’t sure.  He didn’t buy again for months.  But eventually he came back.  He always asks a lot of questions before he places an order but that’s ok.

I would rather my friend know in advance what he’s getting so it doesn’t cost me that much again.

Example number 2, VIP Video
Several years ago I started filming VIP Videos.  These are short video ideas to help my customer base.  The original idea was to make this a subscription service where owners would have access to the videos.  However, the more I thought about it, the more I was concerned about my ability to give incredible content consistently.

Offering it as a free service to my Facebook Group members seemed to be a better business decision.  If I’m giving something free that has real value, it creates a stronger friendship with my customers aka friends.

After all, giving good ideas is what a Creative Nice Guy would do.

I hope you’re starting to see a pattern here.  When I determined who I am, I was able to PICK the image I want to PITCH to my customers.

With a clear, or at least somewhat clear knowledge of the image I had chosen, I could focus on PITCHING that image, also known as selling.

Here’s the PITCH
I would love to be your friend.  If you’re on Facebook, please come join my GROUP.  Fans & Friends of Barry Mitchell Products.  We also have a PAGE called Barry Mitchell Products.  We would appreciate if you would LIKE it.  There is a difference between a GROUP and a PAGE.  You can like my page and never come back.  I want you to come back.  To be in the group you must ask to join.  If approved, you have access to the free video links as well as a group of people around the world that want to help each other.  You’ll find that my group is very positive and helpful.  If someone becomes negative in some manner I consult with them and we take it down.  I want you to feel both welcome and safe.  That’s what a Creative Nice Guy would do.

I don’t want to end with you thinking I’m just telling you who I am.  I want to give you access to something that might help you on your patch to picking and pitching. I found an online article that I believe could really help you.  It’s Six Principles of Small Business Advertising.

  1. Define Your Customer
  2. Craft a Single Message
  3. Create Intriguing Advertising
  4. Make Your Claims Credible
  5. Don’t Forget Contact Information
  6. Test (and Test Again)

I’m happy to email you my script for today along with a link to the online article.  If you gave me your email address at my lecture then you’re already getting it.  If you didn’t just fill out one of the cards and you’ll be on the list too.  Of course I’ll be marketing to you the rest of your life.  After all, that’s what a creative nice guy would do.


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