A small silk hanky is chosen. By magic, (or a thumb tip) the silk vanishes and reappears inside a roll of lifesavers candy.

I can’t remember what inspired this idea but it’s a lifesaver. It’s a basic transposition effect with a “freely” selected 6-inch silk, a change bag, and some lifesavers candy. As I was brainstorming the effect, I made some creative discoveries. This is not a dollar store idea but it’s not a big spender trick either. Here goes.

The objective of the effect is to have a small silk chosen, vanished in a thumb tip, and found inside a roll of lifesavers. Since it’s not a signed silk, I used a clear view change bag to have a silk color chosen, therefore appearing to be a unique selection. A duplicate color silk is loaded inside the candy roll. The change bag I use is one we make and sell called “In Plain View.” See figures 1 – 3. Any change bag will work or make your own with a zip lock style plastic bag. Make sure to put only the one silk you’re forcing on the force side of the bag. If you have duplicate force silks there’s a chance your helper will pull out two silks of the same color. By using a clear force bag it’s very “clear” that all the colors are available.

In Plain View Link

In Plain View Change Bag

To load the silk into the lifesaver candy, I carefully peeled back the foil and tore off some of the wax paper wrapper. The silk is stuffed inside using a paper clip. The wrapper is folded back in place so it looks new. When the candy is opened by you, peel back the torn end so it destroys evidence of the advance load. Have a plastic bag available to give your helper the candy after the silk has been removed. Another option to make the effect more magical is to have several rolls of lifesavers so the helper can choose a roll. This would require a second change bag, which is over kill. Or you could eliminate the force of the silk color and go with the candy roll force instead. See figures 4 – 6.

Although the candy isn’t sticky, the silk will stick to the candy slightly. I recommend loading the silk the same day as the performance. You’ll want one of the longer rolls so there’s more space for the silk. I was working on the effect for a Christmas program and found metal lifesaver tins. I considered making a routine with the tins. They come in assorted, butterscotch and cherry flavor designs. I also discovered that spring snakes fit in the tins. This was an explosive discovery and opens up some fun possibilities. Run with it. See figures 7 and 8.

My presentation was designed for a church setting. I asked a child to choose a silk color. I explained that his choice represented him, totally unique. I explained the Christian theology behind the word “lost” as I vanished the silk in a thumb tip. I showed a stack of envelopes representing where we might be found. Each envelope represented something we might put our trust in . . . that leaves us unfulfilled. After all the envelopes were shown empty, I explained our need for a lifesaver. The silk was found inside the roll of candy and an explanation of the message followed.

I hope you enjoyed this simple idea and it’s something you can adapt for your own use. Thanks for reading. My Facebook Group is Fans & Friends of Barry Mitchell Products

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