Backdrop Balls
Here’s an idea that is neither dollar store or inexpensive to make but it qualifies as creative so I’m sharing.  Before we dig too deep into the subject let me tell you how to see a video of the idea.  I’ve added a new service to my facebook group called VIP Video.  These are free tricks, tips, and ideas that I record and share.  However, they are only available as private links within my facebook group.  Now that Kidabra magazine has gone digital it’s easy for you to tap the link and see the video.  However, if you want to see more VIP videos you’ll need to join the group, joining is easy, just ask.

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In case you didn’t click the link and watch the video here’s the idea.  For some strange reason I thought it would be neat to have a 3-D effect on my backdrop.  I have no idea why this sort of thing pops in my head.  It happens when I’m driving.  Maybe I should pay more attention to the road.

I had been working on my new Smile Poppers, which are attached to a backdrop via magnets, so maybe the magnets attracted the 3-D idea.  Darn that was a clever use of the word “attracted.”  Enough stalling.

Cut foam balls in half using an electric kitchen carving knife.  Ask your wife for permission first.  I suggest Nerf balls, now sold as Poof brand, available at Wal-Mart and toy stores.  Attach a magnet to the flat cut side of the ball.  Use a strong magnet in order to hold the weight of the ball.  I taped the magnet to a piece of scrap vinyl (I have scraps of everything) and then glued the vinyl to the ball.  On the video I suggested contact cement, however, I now recommend hot glue instead.  If you don’t have vinyl laying around, which I assume most people don’t unless they didn’t redecorate since the 60s, then tape the magnet to a piece of light weight cardboard and glue that to the ball.

All that’s left to do is tape metal washers to the back of your backdrop and you’ve just created a 3-D backdrop.  Check out the picture of my 3-D front door.  It’s a great place to keep the balls when not in use and it gives the neighbors proof that strange people live inside.  I might even market door balls for birthday party decorations.  I’ve been working on a name for the door balls.  Some thoughts are door dimples, house warts, and pathway pimples.  But I think I may just go with “knockers.”

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