Laundry Animals
This issue we are moving to the other side of the tracks. No longer will we slum in your local Dollar Tree/Everything’s $1. We’re going to the Dollar General! Yes, these items are $5 each. Put on your big dollar panties and let’s go shopping.

I found these in the laundry/home section of Dollar General. It is an exclusive Dollar General brand and I haven’t found anything similar online or in other stores. The beauty of this laundry bag for entertainers is that the entire bag shows the animal on the front. By simply cutting the net fabric portion out of the bottom and cutting arm holes in the sides you have a child’s costume. In the photos with Jay Rumple’s son as the model, you see that I cut the entire side sections out. I discovered this wasn’t necessary on the second one that I cut. A slit in the net works just as well for the child to place their arm through. The hole in the top of the laundry bag is the perfect size to fit over a child’s head. It won’t fit over my head but that doesn’t matter. My body won’t fit in the basket portion. Let that be your guide for who will wear the costume.

I found four designs, monkey, duck, frog, and tiger. Photos of all four designs are shown along with the packaging of the duck. They compress down so they pack flat and look GREAT!

I used them in a birthday party show with a presentation of my Magic Box story. I renamed the characters of the story into animals and it was great fun. Great for pictures too. In the photo of all four you will notice that the duck is wearing an eye patch. I drew this on with a sharpie so the duck could be the villain of the story, Bad Eye Duck.

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I hope you enjoy this fun way to costume the kids in your show. You may need to visit several Dollar General stores to find all four versions.

Laundry Bags VIP Video

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