The Magic Treasure Chest is one of my favorite effects in my line.  It is now retired but still available to make by DIYers.  The original chest we sold was designed after the size of a chest available from Joann Fabric stores.  For years, I worked with a builder in my hometown of Sweetwater, TN.  Glenn made several of my wood props such as the Pet Presto, which is long retired.  His craftsmanship was incredible.  He paid such attention to every detail that the end result was incredible in the magic community.  All of the wood for the original box was solid and planed to the correct thickness.  This is a detail most would not do.  Glen did the building and I did the paint and finish work.

In time, I became bored making them and retired the effect.  Some time later I brought it back as a DIY version using the original Joann chest for the crafty types.  Making the gimmicked chest is rather simple for most wood workers.  All the video details are shown below.  For PDF directions, you’ll need to purchase the Download DVD, which is available to Studio Scholars at 50% off.  This is a performance rights required effect and rights are given to Studio Scholars without the need to ask.

The photo below shows the chests used to make the treasure chest.  Available at Joann Fabric as of May 28, 2017.  Retail at this time is $29.99, however, if you sign up for the Joann email coupons you can get 40% off one item.  When I originally started making the boxes they retailed around $20.

The PDF Instructions book is very helpful in building this project.  It is part of the Download DVD.  Although all video footage is in the Studio, PDF instructions and templates are only available in the downloads.  This is why Studio Scholars get the downloads for 50% Off.  However, we’re giving you an even better deal on this DIY DVD.  You can get the download for only $15.  Retails is $35 and that includes performance rights.  Be sure to order the download within the Studio to get the lower price.

Demo video offering DIY DVD

Original product video directions

Original Treasure Chest

The Box

The Tools


The Details



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