Mother of All Diamonds has been my number one selling story effect for over 10 years.  At the 10 year anniversary, I decided to do a $1000 giveaway to get photos and stories of customers using the prop.  I was very excited about the contest and gave a full year for people to get their picture to me.  Sadly, I learned a truth about people . . . they don’t like entering contests.  I’ve sold hundreds of these props over the years and in the end I had less than 200 responses.  Many of those were me taking pictures of buyers at conventions.  The winner of the contest was someone that I photographed at a convention.  I had long time customers tell me they didn’t enter because they didn’t want to take my money.  I know they meant well, however, someone was going to get the money, why not a loyal customer.

My reason for offering the contest was strictly selfish.  I wanted hundreds of pictures that could be used to make a large poster.  Jay Rumple was able to make a poster for me, but it wasn’t the hundreds of pictures I was hoping for.  I was willing to pay $1000 for this one unique poster.  This was my last attempt at a contest that had meaning to me.

On a positive note.  Although the contest did not meet my goals, the story and impact it has had on thousands of audiences is still there.  I still get emails from people around the world that use the story.  I’m proud of the story and visual prop that relates it.  It will always be my signature effect.

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