Pool Pasta Fun
This project began as a way to brainstorm pool noodles. I knew there was something I could make with them that hadn’t been made before. It was just a matter of playing with the toys. My goal was to create something unique for the music theme and see what the process taught me for other possibilities. This is the story of a Diddley Flunker and a Dringle Horn.

Pool noodle are usually available at dollar stores and department stores during summer seasons. However, they are available year round in a variety of colors on Amazon.

Live Performance of Dringle Horn

Diddley Flunker

Dringle Horn

The finished Diddley Flunker with Eye valves

Assemble a variety of odds and ends from your dollar store box and begin to play.

I used a larger noodle to make a bell for the horn.  I cut with razor first then sanded on sanding belt to smooth the edges.  This is way more work than is necessary for a silly prop but I’m a perfectionist.

Diddley Flunker Eye Valves

Cut the foam with a razor knife and position together with pins to determine what you like before gluing.

Goop glue is definitely the way to go.  It holds as well as contact cement but doesn’t leave the stain.

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