Legal Use of Music in Your Shows
After shooting these videos, I decided to move the cart from it’s position in front of the horse.  In the past, I’ve not used licensed music in my shows.  I’ve always used royalty free music clips such as the Nathan J. Roberts CDs I sell on my site.  However, the music library theme really makes me want to take advantage of some music.  The original plan for music masher did not include music.  I was going to show types of musical recordings, without music.  However, before the first performance I allowed my excitement to take over and added clips.

After seeing the response of the kids to Disney’s Let it Go, I was really excited about using clips.  Then I started researching the legality.  That’s the cart before the horse part.  I have only found one way to use clips in your show, be a small fish.  If you’re able to convince yourself you’re a small fish in a big pond, you may be able to rationalize using the music.  It’s still not legal but it may help us sleep at night.

My goal after the research was to find creative ways to entertain without using licensed music.  I did’t expect it to be easy but I gave myself a challenge.  As you watch the videos below, please know I will not be using these clips again in my shows.  To see the version I will use, scroll to the bottom of this post.

The Music Masher
This is going to be a feature item in my 2018 music themed show.  I’ll also be using it in my recycling pirate show.  These videos show the process of turning a rabbit wringer into something that mashes music into one long piece of sheet music.  But it doesn’t need to just mash music.  In terms of the recycling message, it will be a trash compactor.  WAY back in the late 90’s I had a recycling themed show called Garbage Busters.  In that show, I converted a rabbit wringer in the same way.  However, I’m going into much more detail for this version.

My goal is to make it very versatile with exchangeable decorations.  With this version, I was shooting for a Dr. Seuss feel, making it truly perfect for Seuss and reading shows as well.  The videos show the process all the way to completion.

Tricky Cart & Dang Turn Table

Music Masher Take 1
This is a segment of the first performance of Music Masher.  This was part of a church show and the video was shot by the children’s minister.  Please read Legal Use of Music section at top of this post and watch the final video on this page.  I will not be using licensed music in my show.

Music Masher Script
Special thanks to Steve Petra for his help with this project.

Boys and girls this is my fan-taz-ma-gorical music masher.  It’s a crescendo crusher!  A rhythm ripper!   A tune tearer!  And it makes the thinnest pancakes you’ve ever seen.  So thin you’ll say oh crêpe! (Although I find this funny, it’s probably not a good idea to put in a children’s show.)
I have a collection of some of my favorite musical recordings and instruments. I’ll even tell you some of my favorite music genres.

Musical Vocabulary Alert
Prepare yourself, you’re about to get smarter.  A music GENRE is a style of music.  You might like country.  You might like rock. Or you might like hop scotch. Wait, that’s not right.  It’s not hop scotch, it’s hippity hoppity bunny. No, that’s not it either. You’re right it’s hip hop.  All those are music genres.  How does it feel to be smarter?  Feels good, doesn’t it?

I’ll place all of these inside the music masher and turn the crank to mash them together into their original state.  And I am not talking about Alabama.

Here’s an old recording with some of my favorite music. This is called an LP, which stands for long play. It will hold about 15 songs. It has one of my favorite types of music. (Music – Hero Magnet Tag from Hero Magic, Music, and More DVD.) Hero music.

This is also a record but it’s called a 78 because of the speed it turns. It will hold about 2 songs. But they are very long songs. It has another one of my favorite kinds of music. It’s music for riding a horse. Just put in a quarter and let him run. (Music – Track 9 from MagiTunes Vol 4.) Cowboy music.

This is called a 45. It holds 2 songs. You’ll never guess what kind of music this is. (Music – Late Night Lounge from BackTraxx music for video production.) It’s elevator music. Going down?

This is a CD. It can hold up to 99 songs. But they have to be very short songs. That’s why it has my kazoo music. (Music – Cartoon Kazoo Tag from MagiTunes Vol 4.) I’ll even throw in a kazoo.

This is a cassette. It will hold up a table leg so it won’t wobble. A major advancement in leveling.

And this is an MP3 player. This one is an ipod. Some MP3 players can hold up to 10,000 songs. (Music – Ohh It’s Magic Accapella Tag 1 from MagiTunes Vocals.)

I have some of my favorite instruments too. This is an egg shaker. Not to be confused with a salt shaker. This is a hand drum. Not to be confused with an ear drum. If you play these instruments correctly you get applause.

Now it’s time to mash the music. You may be wondering how a music masher works. It is powered by marshmallows. They love marshmallows. Don’t we all.

(Crank out sheet music and show box empty.)  Success!  All the music was mashed leaving nothing behind.   It has been mashed into its original form.  It’s a piece of sheet music.  All music must begin in someone’s imagination.  Then they need to write it down.  It’s the same way with many of the books we read.  Books of fiction begin in someone’s imagination and they write it down.  We call them authors.  People like me that mash music are called . . . unemployed.

You may be wondering what does this music mash sound like? It sounds like this. (Music – Track 12 from MagiTunes Vol 4. This is also the track used with Can Opener.)

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