When I created this, I tried to make it into a magic trick, which would give it more sales appeal to magicians.  However, after performing it that way several times I changed my performance.  I discovered the “real magic” of the presentation was in the playing of the song.  I perform it without the magic.  It’s a great way to use helpers and allow them to be the stars of the show.  The DVD contains all the art of the song sheets, which makes it VERY EASY to perform.  As Scholar members, you can order the download for half price.  This presentation is a “Performance Rights Required” effect.  However, as a Scholar, you have performance rights without additional purchase.

Watch the introduction video to learn my inspiration.  In the photo above you can see the original version of the capes.  I realized later that it would be more fun to have the vinyl pockets with clear fronts so the bell names could be seen during the routine.  Duh!  There is also a VIP video of a way to use bandanas with magnets.  There are lots of ways to color code the helpers.

Live Library Show Performance

Video for my brainstorm team.  Not shown anywhere but in the Studio.

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