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Pumpkin Patch Poem by Sherry Grant

(Pumpkin Sponge Set with Appearing Wand and Pole Control.  This poem based on original Pumpkin Maker using incrediball and 8 smaller balls.  New Pumpkin Maker 2.0 has growing ball and 10 smaller balls.)
Down to the pumpkin patch we go
Riding on a wagon bumping to and fro
I see the pumpkins growing on the ground (Show prepped pumpkin)
Tall ones. Short Ones. Orange and round (play with sponge as you speak)
I’m looking around to find just the right one (place preset incredi-ball in bag)
Picking a pumpkin is so much fun! (look in bag and shake)
I see a:  (Remove a small pumpkin on each of the following lines)
Big one, a round one, and pumpkin with some bumps
A happy one, a funny one, another who could jump
A pumpkin with a scary face and a pumpkin with grin
I couldn’t decide which one to take until I looked again…and then (look in bag and smile)
Over in the corner right next to the wall
I saw my favorite pumpkin. It was the biggest one of all. (remove big pumpkin)
I took him home and carved this face, then gave a little cheer
Because Halloween is magic. (remove wand) And now Halloween is here!

BOO! Pumpkins Routine
(Based on Barry Mitchell’s BOO BALLS routine. The original Boo Balls script is in the Smile Maker directions. Directions file is in the documents folder on the Smile Maker DVD)

Three orange balls are in the right coat or pants pocket, along with the fourth orange ball and Candy Corn piece, inside the Boo Boo bag or other small coin purse.

Presentation:  (Reach in right pocket and palm one ball in your right hand while picking up a second ball between the fingers.  Bring the balls out of your pocket keeping one hidden.  You will introduce the pinched ball only.  The palmed ball will be produced later.) 

This is BOO. BOO is a pumpkin. Actually BOO is a scaredy-cat pumpkin. He frightens very easily. That’s why we named him BOO. You can examine BOO if you like. He’s a pretty ordinary pumpkin. There is a very interesting principle about BOO. It is important to keep him nice and cool.  If he gets too warm, He gets upset. I’ll show you what happens.  (Pick up the ball from the spectator with your right fingers.  You will lay both balls together on the table or into your left hand and rub your hand over the balls giving the effect that the single ball has divided into two.)  

I will allow the heat of my hands to pass through BOO.  What happens next is that one little pumpkin becomes TWO. BOO is now BOO-BOO (Show both balls.)  

Two BOOS are better than one. It’s twice the fright and twice the fun.  Here’s BOO number one and BOO number two.  A BOO for me and a BOO for you.  (“Put and Take” a ball into your left hand, leaving the ball secretly hidden in your right palm.  Pinch the second ball on the table with your right hand fingers and place both balls pinched together as one into the spectator’s hand.  Reach into right pocket for Boo-Boo bag, and secretly steal another ball and palm it in your right hand as you bring out the bag.  Touch the bag to your hand and to the spectator’s hand.)  

All this activity is too much for a scaredy-cat pumpkin. BOO is ready to go hide in his Trick-or-Treat-Bag. I call it his BOO-BOO bag.  The reason I call it a BOO-BOO bag, is because every time I touch it here and touch it here, it’s a big mistake!  (Immediately open your left hand to show the hand empty and point to the spectator’s hand.)  Check and see, BOO-BOO!  I guess BOO doesn’t feel as scared if he has a friend. (Pick up balls from spectator.  You should now have one ball pinched with the index finger and thumb in each hand and a ball palmed in the right hand.)

Let’s play a different game, a game called “Pick-a-Pumpkin”. I guess we could call it “Pick-a-BOO”. (say quickly to sound like peek-a-boo.)  Which BOO would you like, BOO One or BOO Two. You can Pick-a-BOO!  (Spectator will point to one ball.  If the ball in the right hand is chosen, simply place the chosen ball and the palmed ball in their hand.  If the left ball is selected, switch the balls by laying the right hand ball on the table and place both in spectator’s hand as mentioned earlier.)  BOO One, fine. The Scaredy-cat pumpkin for you.  BOO One for you and BOO Two for me.  (Place the two balls in spectator’s hand and “Put and Take” a ball in your left hand.  Reach for bag with right hand.)  You have a BOO and I have a BOO, please look at my BOO and say the magic words BOO-who.  (Spectator says “Boo-who.”)  Oh, don’t cry about it! Are you getting scared too?  (Open your left hand to show it empty.  Point to spectator’s hand with bag.)  Check and see, BOO-BOO!

Hey, let’s try that again, the big finale.  This time you take BOO One and BOO Two.  That’s a BOO-BOO.  (Place all three balls in spectator’s hand.  Reach into bag for fourth ball AND the Candy Corn.)  In my bag is BOO Three, He’s a little lonely pumpkin. He’s looking for a BOO so he can be a BOO-BOO too.  I’ll hold BOO Three.  (“Put and Take” BOO Three, which is fourth ball, WITH the Candy Corn in your left hand and reach for bag.  Touch bag to your hand and their hand.  This serves no purpose other than to repeat the moves you have been using in the entire routine.)  Please look at my BOO and say the magic word, BOO!  (Spectator says “Boo!” and you open your left hand to show it empty.)  Oh, you scared that little pumpkin away!  Check and see.  (Point to spectator’s hand as they open and say . . . ) One, two, three, a triple BOO.

But our original scaredy-cat pumpkin couldn’t take it anymore. He’s has run away.  I noticed as I was doing this, that this fellow figured it out.  I know that because he has our BOO behind his ear.  (Produce fourth ball hidden in right hand from behind spectator’s ear. Keep Candy Corn hidden with ball. ) I must apologize for this scared little BOO. All this was just too much for him. This pumpkin got scared so he ran and hid on YOU, as a BOO will do. But when a BOO really gets scared..I’m so sorry…But a BOO will also POO, and this BOO has POOED on YOU. (Produce Candy Corn)

Performance Note
When you ask the spectator to examine the ball, have them squeeze it to see how soft it is.  When your helper squeezes the ball, you are able to determine if they can close their hand over the ball.  At some point you may choose a spectator who doesn’t have the ability to close their hand.  This simple test will prevent problems later in the routine.  When placing the two balls as one in the spectator’s hand, it is beneficial to assist them in closing their hand.  Also turn their hand over so the closed palm is down.  In the palm down position, the spectator is less likely to open the hand early to peek.  Occasionally touching the spectator’s hand will reinforce that you want it to remain closed.

A Pumpkin Faith Story
(Show prepped Incredi-ball) I brought a little pumpkin with me to help me tell my story. This is a story about you, and about me. Did you know you and I are like a pumpkin? A pumpkin is round and shiny on the outside. Its skin is tough and hard to puncture. It looks perfectly OK on the outside, but the inside is much different. Sometimes, we pretend that we are all perfect and wonderful. We make our outsides into a shell that keeps others from seeing what’s going on inside. We want everyone to think we are perfect. But we know that’s not true. We all have things we don’t like about ourselves. We have all made mistakes. We have all done bad things, but we keep all those things hidden inside thinking no one can see past our tough exteriors.

God knows us from the inside out. In Psalms 139.  it says:  Lord, you have examined me. You know me. You know when I sit down and when I stand up.  Even from far away, you comprehend my plans. You study my traveling and resting. You are thoroughly familiar with all my ways. There isn’t a word on my tongue, Lord, that you don’t already know completely. You surround me—front and back. You put your hand on me. That kind of knowledge is too much for me; it’s so high above me that I can’t fathom it. (CEV)

(Put Incredi-ball in bag and roll it around) Even when we get rolled around and bumped up by life. And even when the things we want to hide about ourselves start to show; God knows, understands, loves us and wants us to turn to Him for help. (Reach in bag and turn Incredi-ball, begin to pull out small orange balls on each of the following words/phrases)

God is there for us: When we feel afraid. When we think we have failed. When we are angry. When we don’t like ourselves, When we are sad. When we need to talk. When we are ashamed. When we have sinned and need forgiveness.

I love the message in Psalm 139. It reminds me that God knows everything about me, and loves me unconditionally. God’s love in my life gives me a reason to smile. (Produce large pumpkin with face).

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