Mentors, Heroes, Inspirers . . . Pushers!
These short videos are IMPORTANT to me and I believe will be an INSPIRATION to you.  Please watch my introduction video and then meet people just like you.  People from different walks of life sharing their heart in tribute to those who gave them a push.  The world is filled with successful people someone believed in.  Sadly, the world is also filled with those who never experienced a mentor, love, or a push.  As you listen, consider who pushed or continues to push you.  More importantly ask yourself, “WHO CAN I PUSH?”

Would you like to share a video of yourself in honor of your pushers?  It’s easy.  Shoot a short video on your phone and email me the video file.  Just email me for details.


Dave Gorden
I wanted to open the Pusher Project with one of my mentors.  Dave is a professional educational speaker.  His list of accomplishments are too long to list here.  At the time of this post, his most recent honor is induction into the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame.

He saw me doing a church show 20+ years ago and gave me a card.  He said, “Let’s do lunch.”  About a year later, I had lunch and asked for his help with new promotional materials.  His response was one of my most painful lessons in rejection.  Sometimes being pushed isn’t easy.  It was also one of my most “kick in the pants” moments of life.  Dave said he saw more in me than I saw in myself.  Amazingly, those words aren’t easy to believe.  Thankfully, he worked with me and encouraged my slow but steady improvements.  I proudly acknowledge that without his help I would not be where I am . . . PERIOD!  He gave me the correct push at just the correct time in my life.  I’m honored to call Dave my mentor and friend.  Thanks Dave.

Mark Daniel
Mark is another one of the people that changed my life.  Mark is the reason I have a platform, no matter how small, in the magic community.  MANY years ago Terry Evanswood introduced me to Mark during a KIDabra conference in Pigeon Forge, TN.  Terry and I performed together in a magic show.  Mark apparently saw something in me that would benefit his conference attendees.  He gave me a chance on the KIDabra stage and it changed my life.  Up to that point, I had very little connection with the magic community at large.  I never met a “magician” in person until I was in college.  Ironically, my style of magic is considered creative and it’s because I had no outside influences.  When Mark gave me a chance, he opened the door to a group of friendships and opportunities that cannot be stopped.  Thankfully it can’t be stopped.  I can never thank Mark enough for what he has done for me.  As strong of a friend as Mark is, I have to credit Terry with introducing us.  Thanks guys.

Terry Evanswood

Murray Sawchuck

Mark Pedro
Mark is a close personal friend of mine where I live.  Mark is a gifted artist and actor.

Tom McDonnell
Tom is a gifted children’s entertainer.  He gets all the credit for adding the key chain at the end of the Mother of All Diamonds story.  It’s a brilliant addition to the story.  Thanks Tom.

Lee Andrews

Steve Wronker
Steve’s been a best friend for years.  He’s also on my brainstorm team.  Thanks buddy.

Max Howard

Leon McBryde

Laverne Seibert

Jim Kleefeld

Ken Scott

Louis Meyer

Lynn McWalters

Billy Damon

Joe Mazzola

Debbie Mazzola

Heather Green

Tommy Johns

Jay Johnson

Glenn Strange

Tim Gaines

Tate Elliot

Steve Hart

Skip Way 

Scott Green

Steve Axtell

Gary Owen

Rick Soos

Michael Reist

Michael Messing

Jim Austin

Jeff Knight

Jeff Jones


Gary Shelton

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