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O. Deer, It’s Granny!
By Barry Mitchell
This routine can be VERY fun if presented well. Presentation use PEPPERMINT SILKS and our RIP APART CHANGE BAG. Additional items are peppermint sugar and items from Dollar Tree.

Rip apart bag, peppermint silks, bottle of peppermint sprinkles, granny wig, deer head piece, reindeer crossing sign, giant snowflake

Would you like to learn another secret of Christmas? It’s the secret behind this song. (music) That song is a coverup of the truth. It’s time for the northern exposure of O. Deer, it’s Granny! Granny Betty was the official cake baker, candy maker and treat taker for the North Pole. That means she bakes, makes and takes the treats to Santa.

It was Christmas eve and she was running behind on an order of candy canes for Santa. The candy canes were finished but it was too late to ship so she was going to deliver them herself. To show you what happened next, I’ll need a helper.

You and I are going to recreate what happened. I’ll play the part of the reindeer and you’ll be Granny. What, you don’t want to be Granny? It’s the starring role. Ok, I’ll be Granny and you can be O. Deer.

(Oversized name tag for helper. O. Deer.) Your full name is Fitzgerald Oliver Deer III, but everyone just calls you O. Deer.

Since I’m Granny, I’ll choose my favorite wig and my rock and roll handbag. (Rip apart change bag loaded with broken candy cane silk on one side and bottle of peppermint sprinkles in the rip open section.) Since you turned down the starring role, I’ll let you place a picture of a candy cane in my bag.

Back to the story. It was Christmas eve and due to a storm, the reindeer crossing sign was covered with snow. (Reindeer crossing sign is on table front. Cover sign with large snowflake.) Granny got a little confused and she was on the wrong road. As Granny, that’s me, was running with her handbag of candy, YOU were out on a test run. What do you think happened next? A horrible accident. O. Deer, it’s Granny! They ran straight into each other and bounced off each other’s bellies.

It’s time for you and I to act it out. When the music starts, we will run full speed at each other and hit bellies. We’ll bounce back and land on the floor resulting in a boo boo on our bottom bottom.

Wait a minute. I don’t want a boo boo on my bottom bottom. Maybe we should do this in slow motion. I have an idea. You stand here with your belly out. I’ll run to you in slow motion and gently touch bellies and then both of our bottoms will be fine. I can’t afford the insurance for the full speed version.

Here we go. (Music played in slow motion. Touch belly to belly with helper with change bag between you.) Wow, that was a hard hit. O. Deer are you okay? I’m fine but let’s check the candy. Would you pull the picture out of the bag please? Oh no! It’s broken. There’s no way Granny can get more candy made in time to take to Santa. So, what did Granny and O. Deer do?

I’ll tell you what they did. They sit on the side of the road and wrote a song. They wrote a song about granny getting run over by a reindeer. After Christmas they sang it together for Santa and the elves and got a standing ovation.

But I know what you’re thinking. What did Granny Betty do with the broken candy canes? I’ll show you. O. Deer, please place the broken candy cane back in my bag. (Hold bag against belly and hit with hand.) She crushed the candy cane even more. Because of the accident at the deer crossing, Granny Betty created peppermint sprinkles. (Rip open bag to reveal bottle of sugar.)

Boys and Girls, the next time you have a cookie with sprinkles on top, whisper a thank you to Granny Betty Crocker and think of the accident that made this song possible. (Play song while helper is seated. Give helper bottle of sugar and reindeer hat.)



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