The Serv-O-Magic unit was created by the same man that invented the Miser’s Dream Bag.  Klaus Peckhaus is an electronics genius.  He offered me this product to sell and I jumped at the chance.  We sold several of these for magicians to make their own remote control magic.  However, I had to stop selling them because the servo that I was using became almost impossible to find.  There are several servos available at various prices and strengths but it just wasn’t worth it to keep selling them.  Dave Mitchell makes several remote control effects and Klaus does Dave’s electronic work.

I’m very proud of the silly rat trap display I made.  It serves NO PURPOSE AT ALL other than to demo the gimmicks.  I made it from junk in the garage.  However, if you look closely, DIYers may learn some tips on working with servos and spring snakes.

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