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Slime Ball Sam
I grew up in the south where we used a paper bag to collect poke salad. Poke is a southern name for a bag and the salad we picked in the field was a type of greens. I’m not picking poke salad today but I want to tell you about a friend of mine we called Slime Ball Sam. He didn’t collect salad. He collected slime balls. He would find a good messy one and put it in a bag. Slime Ball Sam was one of the nicest fellers you would ever meet. If you asked, he was always willing to share a slime ball. Or two. Or three. There was no limit to his good natured ability to share. Some of us thought he had his own slime ball factory. But I suppose he just had a friendly little slime maker.

Trash Can = Danger Can
You must be careful around a trashcan. Trashcans are very important and should be used for trash. However, you should never stick your hand in a trashcan. You NEVER know what might happen. (Mousetrap. Rubber Glove)
There can be some really gross stuff in a trashcan. (Ball) Do you know what this is? It’s a slime ball. Have you ever called your little brother a slime ball? Bet you will now.
Do you know what happens when you squeeze a slime ball? (Produce balls) It ouses out between your fingers into slime spheres and slime orbs. Slime boogers, slime snot, and slime WMMs, weapons of mass mucas.
Do you know where all that slime sludge comes from? It’s the mother of all slime (Big Ball) I call her Sally.

Mucus Maker
(Put on rubber gloves) Warning: this next trick has not been approved for all audiences. What you are about to see might make you sick. Adults will NOT enjoy this. They may think it’s a joke . . . but it’s SNOT! (Show ball) It’s a great green gob of greasy grimy gross ball of snot. This is a snot rag. (Bandana. Fold up bandana into pouch like folding for Devil’s hank.) A snot rag is the perfect place to put snot. (Place ball inside hank bag.)
Some people don’t know how to properly care for their snot. They break it up into little boogers and leave it everywhere. (Produce balls as places are mentioned) They put some on their pants, their hair, their friend’s hair. You get the idea. All this snot has to come from somewhere. Do you want to see who creates all this snot? (Big Ball) It’s SnotZilla.

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