A Sponge Ball that will make you smile!
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Star Maker Demo

Star Maker Explanation Video. Password to watch is star

Smile Maker is one of the rare effects that changed everything about my business.  It changed my personal entertainment business as well as products.  I became associated with the smile icon.  The success of Smile Maker led to other “smile” effects and a great deal of happiness for audiences around the world.  I can honestly say, other than Mother of All Diamonds, nothing has changed me and my audience of loyal supporters more than Smile Maker.

Creative Advantage – Smiles

Smile Maker Instructional Video Password . . . smile

Clown Maker is perfect for clowns that want to share a special smile.

Clown Maker Behind the Scenes Password . . . smile

Smile Maker 2.0 & Pail Face
See full instructions for Pail Face in the Backstage with Barry section. CLICK HERE

Conflict! – Living Room Lecture

Tommy Johns performing his version of Smile Maker at a librarian conference. This video is posted with permission.

Golden Opportunity Video

Smile Maker Presentation from Truths and Treasures DVD
Golden Opportunity by Sherry Grant
KEY VERSE: Ephesians 6:7: Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people.
KEY CONCEPT: As Christians we need to look for EVERY opportunity to serve God by serving and loving others.
OBJECT EFFECT:  Appearing/multiplying smiley face balls

EQUIPMENT The SMILEMAKER illusion, available exclusively from Barry Mitchell Products. A paper bag, A bowl or plate to hold the smiles.

Prepare your smile maker according to the directions in the illusion. Remember to wet your sponge balls and wring them out to make a bigger, better illustration.

 (Show prepared ball)THIS is an OPPORTUNITY! It may look like a gold colored ball, but today it represents a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY in your day. Do you know the word OPPORTUNITY? It just means a chance to do something.

All of us, adults and children, have lots of different OPPORTUNITIES every day. Some of them are planned. They are opportunities to do something that we put on our schedules. Things we want to do, and plan to do. Things that make us SMILE. Can you give your best SMILE to this OPPORTUNITY I am holding here? Adults too! I want to see you be happy about this OPPORTUNITY. That looks great!

(Move ball to other hand)But other OPPORTUNITIES come to us in a different way. They are things we didn’t schedule, conversations we didn’t want to have. We sometimes call these OPPORTUNITIES….interruptions. We get mad about them. We resent them. We sometimes make an UGLY FACE at them. So here’s what I want you to do now. Will you look at this opportunity and give it your meanest, ugliest face? Adults too!

Wow! Those were some UGLY faces. They were enough to scare an OPPORTUNITY away. (Put ball in bowl)Now, not every OPPORTUNITY in our day is a good OPPORTUNITY, but many of them are. As Christians, we have to learn to look at our OPPORTUNITIES differently. In Ephesians 6:7 we read: “Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people.” That means we need to look at all the OPPORTUNITIES in our day as chances to serve God. There are good OPPORTUNITIES for service in both the things we schedule, and the things that interrupt us every day.

(Pick up bag, open it, put in ball and roll it around)And if we ask God, we might even be able to take an OPPORTUNITY that originally looked UGLY, and transform it into a chance to serve God. (Pull out large smile)And that brings JOY to us and to the people we serve. See, you are smiling already! But that’s not the end of it.

(While pulling out small smiles) The joy we make while serving God is contagious! It spreads. It multiplies. It makes more and more smiles. It overflows! And, it helps build God’s kingdom. That is really something to smile about. It’s a reason to look at each OPPORTUNITY with a SMILE, and see each OPPORTUNITY as a way to serve our God. Are you smiling now? I am too!

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