This footage is from my 2012 lecture tour in Denmark.  These videos were shot during a children’s ministers conference.  Both videos are very short and require explanation.  The happy song is part of my opening.  It’s fun to see how the audience plays along even though many have no clue what I’m saying.

The second video is from my closing.  I wrote the closing the night before my session.  I consider it one of my best examples of on the spot creativity.  During the conference, I realized that my session wasn’t teaching the message I felt the group needed.  I wanted a way to adjust my content and close strong.  Working with a translator made it much more difficult.  The point of my session was, communicating with children can be done with anything, even a sock.

The actual closing for my session was the banana story (see post Banana in Denmark).  The sock puppet was just before it.  I sit on a stool and began to remove my shoe and sock.  I was slowly explaining that anything could be used to communicate with children, even a sock.  I used a permanent marker to draw eyes on the sock.  The eyes couldn’t be seen from a distance but the point was to give the puppet personality.  I performed one of my puppet scripts from Sam the Turtle.  The presentation went very well and was a highlight of the conference.  I wish I had the full video.

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