Space Saver Demo

Space Saver Explanation

This case is filled with space. I call it a space saver. You might say it’s bigger on the inside than it is on the outside. Would you like to see? (Open case. Case is loaded with ball and several large cards displaying “space” phrases.)

I have space for RENT. There’s also space AVAILABLE etc. (Add as many cards as desired.)
Inner space
Outer space
Space for improvement
Free space
Too much space
Too little space
And space between your ears.

I’ve removed so much space that now I’m out of space. That means I no longer have space for Friendly Fred the Alien Head. (Ball)
Fred loves long throws on the court, playing basketball and spinning on someone’s finger. He enjoys layups, three pointers and every now and then a dunk. But mostly he loves to bounce.

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