Meet Sparkly the Dragon. He was born with one solid gold tooth. His parents named him Sparkly because his tooth is very . . . sparkly. He’s an absent-minded dragon. He has misplaced his tail. Yep, a dragon with nothing to drag. You’re probably wondering, how does someone lose their tail? Probably the same way we lose the TV remote. It gets stuck in the couch. Sparkly checked and it’s not there.

To find his tail, we’ll need a helper and the use of a Time Machine of Doom. (Your change bag, of course) Sparkly will travel back in time to find his tail but he goes too far on the first trip. He’s baby Sparkly now. It’s time to go back to the future. Too far again. He’s now celebrating his 759thbirthday. One more spin of the time wheel and Sparkly makes it to yesterday, when he had his tail. He will stay in yesterday. It’s too risky to travel again.

Sparkly is more than a mis-made silk set. It’s a mis-made-time-travel silk set. Comes with four beautiful 15-inch Wonder Imagery silks, online video instructions, DIY Time Spinner instructions and a really funny script. Change bag not included.

Musical Opening to the tune of Frosty the Snowman
Written by Sherry Grant & Barry Mitchell, mostly by Sherry

Sparkly the dragon has a golden tooth you see. 
It’s big and bright and lights the night.
And it’s why he’s called Sparkly.

There must have been some magic in that time machine he found.
For when he hopped inside the bag, he began to spin around.

Sparkly the dragon was a fairy tale they say.
His tail was long, but now it’s gone.
But we’ll find it here today.

Sparkly’s Song

Sparkly the Dragon Demo

Sparkly silk set comes with four 15-inch Wonder Imagery silks. We recommend our exclusive Rip apart change bag for the presentation. Other change bags work too. The change bag is used as a Time Machine to transport Sparkly from present day to childhood, to the future and to yesterday, where he finds his tail. Instructions for the effect will be described using the rip apart change bag.

Silk 1 is Sparkly with missing tail. Silk 2 is baby Sparkly. Silk 3 is older Sparkly and Silk 4 is finale Sparkly with full size tail. Preset rip apart change bag with silks 2 and 3 on one side. Silk 4 is inside rip open section for finale appearance. Other side of bag is empty to deposit silks as they are displayed during presentation. Polka dot sock is optional and not included with product.

DIY Time Spinner
The effect does not require a time spinner. However, it will add a great deal to the routine. Without using a DIY spinner, simply call your change bag a time machine. A large potato chip clip is used to make the time spinner. Chip clips are available at Walmart. The clip fits over the top of the rip apart bag and holds it closed so helper may hold bag during time travel segments. To make the spinner a DVD is glued or taped to the chip clip. The DVD may be covered with a clock face design. Google “clock face designs” for many possible options and print to fit DVD.  A spinner arm, aka clock hand, may be made from cardboard and attached to center of DVD using bolts and large washers. See online video instructions for more details.

(Show silk 1) Say hello to my little friend Sparkly the Dragon. He was born with one solid gold tooth. His parents named him Sparkly because his tooth is very . . . sparkly. Sparkly is an absent-minded dragon. He has misplaced his tail. Yep, a dragon with nothing to drag.

This isn’t a tall tale. It’s more of a short story. Sparkly usually has his tail but he is known for leaving things in the wrong places. He has to fly everywhere because he can’t find his car keys.

You’re probably wondering, how does someone lose their tail? Probably the same way we lose the TV remote. It gets stuck in the couch. Sparkly checked the couch. His tail isn’t there. But he did find 52 cents and a pink polka dot sock. Anyone lose a sock? (Hold up a sock. Optional.)

I suppose it would be possible for anyone to lose their tail. I’ve heard adults talk about losing their tails. (That usually happens in Las Vegas.) But it does seem odd for Sparkly because his tail is so unusually long. His tail is so long it stretches from New York to Chicago. That’s a tail of two cities. You have to be pretty absent-minded to lose something that big.

That’s why we’re going to help Sparkly get his tail back. He definitely had it yesterday. All we need to do is go back to yesterday, get his tail, and come back to today. I need a helper who is friendly, kind, and, most importantly, brave enough to hold an unpredictable time machine. (Choose helper)

It’s a time of tail gone bye. No, that’s not it. I mean, it’s a tale of time gone by. No, that’s not it either. I mean, it’s time to say bye to Sparkly so he can go get his tail. That’s it.

Sparkly is going into the Time Machine of Doom. It’s actually just an ordinary everyday time machine but I love to say, Time Machine of DOOM! Any of us could travel through time . . . if we could fit inside this bag. Would you believe I sent a mouse back to 1984 just last week? He came back with rainbow suspenders and a mullet. That joke is so old even your grandparents don’t get it.

Please reach into the bag and remove the time spinner. Make sure there isn’t any leftover mouse droppings from 1984. (DIY optional prop. Time spinner is a chip clip decorated with a clock face and spinner.) I’ll place absent-minded Sparkly inside. Next I’ll place the time spinner on top. To travel back in time, someone must spin time in a backwards direction. I’ve done that before, and I swore I would never do it again. That’s where you come in. Please hold the bag and start spinning in a counterclockwise direction. Just spin until I tell you to stop. (Adding a fun music track would be great here.) STOP! Did you stop exactly when I told you? You can’t over stop or under stop. It has to be exact. If you over stop or under stop it can cause a hole in the time warp pickle worm. I don’t even want to tell you what happens when the time warp pickle worm has a hole in it. Let’s check. (Take bag from helper, remove clip and pull up corner of silk 2 for helper to remove.) OH NO, you did an over stop! Now Sparkly is a baby! I told you exactly when to stop. This isn’t my fault. What? You think it’s my fault? This is just like being at home, everything’s my fault!

Jim Kleefeld Thoughts About Stopping
(Mime saying Stop, but don’t actually say anything. Then say stop softly, then loudly. It should look like helper can’t hear you because the wheel is too noisy. That keeps him from feeling like he messed up by not stopping when you said to. Instead of saying “This is your fault, I told you exactly when to stop,” you can say, “I was saying stop, but you didn’t hear me.”)

The good news is that Sparkly had his unusually long tail as a baby. But we’re not looking for his baby tail. We need to find his adult tail that he lost yesterday. He needs to go back to the future.

I’ll place baby Sparkly back into the time machine of doom. Time spinner is in place and you get to spin. Listen close this time, I can’t afford to always be wrong. Start spinning clockwise. That’s the other direction of what you just did. (Spin) Get ready and STOP! (Take bag from helper, remove clip and pull up corner of silk 3 for helper to remove.) You have got to be kidding me. That’s Great Grandpa Sparkly at his 759th birthday!

Dragons live a long time. But their social security runs out at 75. We’re going to do it one more time. Remember, we need to go back to YESTERDAY when he still had his tail. Not to the future and definitely not to 1984. Start spinning. Go, go, go and STOP! You did much better on the stopping that time. I bet your Mom tells you to stop a lot. I’m going to rip open the time machine of doom. You grab Sparkly and let’s hope for the best. (Rip bag for helper to get silk 4 and reveal to audience.)

Sparkly is back! He has his beautiful long tail and sparkly gold tooth. Wait, this is Sparkly yesterday, just before he lost his tail. I think it would be best to leave Sparkly where he is. We just added an extra day to his life, he may need it. He is an absent-minded dragon after all. Let’s give my helper a hand because that’s the end of this dragon’s tale.

Special Thanks to Steve Petra and Jim Kleefeld for their help with this presentation.

Sparkly Explanation

Duh the Whispering Dragon Demo
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Duh the Whispering Dragon Explanation

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