Star Search was written as an option for a space theme show. This post contains the presentation video. For the full post with everything related to Bucket Full, CLICK HERE

Star Search Script
Is there anyone here who picks their nose? Well do you pick your friend’s nose? Wanna see me pick mine? (Red clown nose in bucket) I pick this one. You didn’t really think I was gonna pick my nose did you? At least not in public.

I want to tell you about a little girl who does not pick her nose. She picks stars. Her name is Samantha. However, most just call her the Star Picker. Not the nose picker. The star picker.  That’s an odd name for a little girl, but she earned it. Sam believes she can pick stars from the sky. When the stars become visible at night, she can be found in her yard. She will be seen reaching into the air and picking something from space. (Mime this action) She will look at her fingertips and smile as if there is something in her hand. Then she carefully places the invisible object into her bucket.  This bucket is just like hers. There’s a smile on the outside because picking stars makes Sam very happy.

She enjoys the stars in her bucket only at night. Before the sunrise, they will disappear and return to the sky. At least that’s what she tells everyone.

Everyone asks her if there is a trick to seeing the stars. She says, “It’s not a trick. Believing is seeing.” Obviously, Sam is confused. Everyone knows believing isn’t seeing. It’s the other way around. Seeing is believing. Since we don’t see a star then there can’t be a star. She says, “I believe in the wind. I may not see it, but I can feel it on my face. I believe in love. I may not see it, but I can feel it in my heart.” Then Sam says, I believe in you. You may not see my stars, but you can see how they make me feel.”

Maybe Sam is right. Maybe believing can be seeing. Today I’m going to be a bright star picker like Sam. I’m going to grab some glow from here and place it in the bucket. Would you grab some glow with me? Toss it in the bucket.

(This presentation may be performed as a running segment throughout a show. After each show segment go back to the bucket pretend to pick more stars from the sky and drop inside. Stars are not revealed until end of show.) At the end of the show we’ll find out if believing is seeing.

(Lines to be used following show segments.)
Now it’s time to select some shine.
Let’s sprinkle a little sparkle.
Let’s go for the glimmer.

This one isn’t shining as much as it should. I’ll drain the darkness. Ah, much better. We did a lot of believing throughout the show. Now it’s time to find out if all this believing can be seeing. Maybe how much we see depends on how much we believe. (Produce stars in bucket)

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