By Barry Mitchell
This script uses the Bucket Full prop for my show finale.

Produce stars all at one time at end of routine. I’ve found that the large production gets a better response than single stars. I wrote this as the finale of my space summer reading show. The art for my stars of space cards is attached for members to download. You’ll notice the cards are not a consistent size. I didn’t make these to sell, I made them to use. It won’t matter to the audience if one card is 1/4 inch bigger than the others. I made several cards of a variety of people. There are many more possibilities from every ethnic group. Do some research. The cards are more of a cheat sheet than a specific script of what to say. 

Today we’ve had some fun with some silly magic, lots of evil space aliens, a laughing chicken and a turtle. But I didn’t tell you why our show is about space. So, I want to show you some of the stars of our space history.

2019 is the 50th year anniversary of a human walking on the moon. It’s a really big deal. Thousands of really smart people figured out a way to send a rocket 226,000 miles to the moon. Well what’s the big deal about that? I’ll tell you. Most likely it took you about 15 minutes to get here to the library. And to some of you, it may have seemed like forever.

If we left now to go to the moon, traveling at 60 mph, it would take almost 6 months to get there. And we can’t stop for lunch. That’s a big deal.

Let me show you some of the stars of our past and present space program.
(SHOW CARDS and briefly discuss)

These people and many more are part of our space history. All these people have something really important in common. They are all readers. Someday you may be a star in something you love. When I was your age, I was reading magic books. That’s why today, I’m doing cool stuff like this . . . (Stars appear) This summer be a reading star because books are for the space between your ears.



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