The Magic Box Book
This is something only five people have seen.  In 2002, I was considering turning the Magic Box trick into a children’s book.  It was my plan to perform the story and then offer the book as a back of room item.  I haven’t given up the idea entirely, just put it on a back shelf.  This is the artist interpretation of my poem.  There are several typos and the meter needs to be changed in several places.  That means it isn’t finished.  I thought Scholar members would enjoy seeing something in the early stages.  This is so old that I’ve lost contact with the artist so I don’t have the rights to sell this art.  If I rewrite the story, I’ll need a new artist to interpret the words.

PLEASE NOTE this is here for the enjoyment of Scholar members.  It is not here for members to use or copy and print to sell.  It’s for viewing pleasure only.

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