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Magic of Thinking Creatively DVDs
The popularity of Barry Mitchell’s creativity book by the same title can now be seen visually. Over three hours of Barry’s prop creations and creative thinking about entertaining with magic is packed on this DOUBLE DISC DVD. These user friendly DVDs allow viewers to easily move from one trick to the next or jump to a favorite section. Close up footage allows viewers to go behind the scenes and see what lecture attendees missed. This DVD set is a rare look into Barry’s history of magic creations. Due to the length of the lecture and the amazing number of props displayed this lecture will NEVER be repeated. This DVD set is the ONLY record and now it can be yours.

Hour 1 of the 3 hour session.  This KIDabra lecture really began my career with the KIDabra group and customer base.  The amount of content and the creativity I shared in this session jump started the product side of my business.  Many thanks to Mark Daniel for his faith in me to present at KIDabra.

Hour 2

Hour 3

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