Some of my videos contain items I may no longer sell. This is one of them. I have a limited supply of growing balls in special colors like green. However, don’t allow that to stop you from performing the routine. You’ll most likely be able to find sponge frogs in other magic shops or just ask me. There’s no reason you couldn’t perform the trick with red balls and a red growing ball. This would make the production of the green frogs even more magical due to the color difference. Red growing balls are available from most magic shops. However, remember to store the frogs and red balls separately. Leaving them today for long periods of time while wet will allow the red dye to bleed over on the green.

Demo Video

Explanation Video

Live Explanation
This is a unique video because a member of the audience from my show helped with the explanation. It’s fun because of her expressions. She was just as excited seeing how the trick was accomplished as watching the trick.

Live Performance

What happens if you eat a frog egg?  You get a frog in your throat!  Duh!  Frogs are fun!  Is it the warts, that famous muppet, or those ads for beer?  We may never know.  This FUN and SIMPLE effect begins with a 2-inch sponge ball.  Drop it inside an empty bag to show what happens if you eat a frog egg.  It grows!  From the bag you remove a 4-inch ball.  But there’s something else . . . a frog . . . and a second frog.  What happens when you have two frogs in your throat?  More frog eggs, aka four 1-inch balls, of course.  BUT WAIT.  We wrote a second routine that’s perfect on stage or close up with a standard 4 ball routine and a killer closer.  Comes with bag, all foam props, and instructional DVD.

Frogs are Fun
There’s something about frogs that make them fun.  For whatever reason, frogs are fun and your new Frog Eggs will make your show more fun.  The effect as shown on the DVD is simple.  However, the props make it possible to create a variety of presentations.  We have some suggestions that may spark your creativity.  So hop on in.

Frog Eggs Standard Four Ball Routine
This is a frog egg.  I guess it will be a green frog.  Give it a nice squeeze.  It’s very soft isn’t it?  You don’t have to worry about cracking a frog egg.  They just jump right back.  What happens if you squeeze a frog egg too hard?  You get a wart!

Let me show you how fast they jump.  You hold this egg.  I’ll get a second egg for me.  When you say “Go” my egg will jump into your hand.  “Go.”  No, I’m sorry.  I forgot to tell you that you need to say it in frog language.  He doesn’t understand English. What does a frog say?  (Helper will most likely say “Ribet.”)  No, that means “hello” in frog.  But if you say it real slow like the southern frogs it means “How-dee.”

The frog word for “go” is “hop.”  So please say “hop.”  (Helper says “hop.”)  Mine is gone.  Check your hand.  I told you they are fast jumpers.  This joint is hopping.

Let’s try that again.  You hold both eggs and I’ll get another.  I’ll hold this one and you say “hop.”  (Helper says “hop.”)  My hand is empty.  And you have three.  That’s the magic of frog eggs.

You want to see some real frog egg magic?  I’ll show you what happens when a frog egg hatches.  I have a real big one.  It is ready to pop.  But we want to give it a little privacy so I’ll wrap it in a lily pad.  Ok, it’s actually a handkerchief but it’s a frog egg and he doesn’t have eyes yet.  However, if it were a potato it would be a different story.  (Place gimmicked ball with frogs inside in the center of the cloth.  Pop the ball inside out just before closing cloth around it.  Twist off the end of the cloth so it looks like just the egg is inside.  Place in helper’s hands asking them to hold with both hands.)

Do you know what the frog word is for lily pad?  It’s “big leaf on water.”  Some thinks they say just take too long.  You hold that frog egg really tight.  But of course not too tight because that causes warts.  You may feel it slowly starting to grow.  It’s getting bigger inside your hand isn’t it?  It’s getting warmer isn’t it?

When a frog egg hatches it become a tadpole then it becomes a frog.  But it takes a little time.  (This is a great place to play some music that sounds like a clock ticking.  It can add a funny moment to the routine.)

But we don’t have that much time so I’ll magically speed up the process and we’ll see what happens.  Let’s open the lily pad.  Wow.  It’s a giant wart!  I hate to see those.  But there are also frogs.  We have twins!

How would you like to have your very own beginner frog kit?  It’s a pole, named Tad.  (Give helper a pencil.)  But you can also use it as a pencil.  (This is a GREAT closer line for the routine.  And if you have personalized pencils it is a must.)

For Gospel Performers
Although this routine is designed for fun you may wish to find a way to add the acronym Fully Rely On God.

Brainstorming Tadpoles
Check out this list of words and thoughts that may spark your creativity toward custom routines.
Tadpole kissing
Frog to Prince
Bull Frogs
Horny Toad
How do you tell the difference between a regular frog and a bull frog?  By the horns.  A bull frog is a horn-e-toad.
Tad Pole – Produce an appearing pole named Tad.
They say you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince.  But no one ever says what happens when you kiss a tadpole.  Of course you want to be careful to kiss the right end.


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