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To see a live performance of the original version of Got Cookies go to the Word Wrangler Show. CLICK HERE

Photos below of the prototype of cookie holder gimmick for Got Cookies Again, second generation. Yellow box is the original Got Cookies with wooden gimmick. We sold hundreds of these with the actual plastic Oreo cookie shell. The cookie shell was part of a matching game for children. Inside the cookie was a different space for young children to match with the other sides. To make them into a flat cookie, I had to sand off all the extra plastic with an electric sander. There was a great deal of labor involved in the first version. The cookie game was found at Big Lots and I drove all over the south buying everything I could get. I was driving all over the south at the time doing school shows so it wasn’t really a big deal to get them. Originally the boxes came from CVS Drug stores then I found them at Big Lots. When I found them, I bought them all. I made them until I got sick of making them.

Instructions for Got Cookies Again
By Barry Mitchell
Special Thanks to Todd McKinney
Todd was the person who inspired me to bring Got Cookies out of retirement and make Got Cookies Again.  Todd is an incredible performer doing shows all over the south.  He’s been using his Got Cookies original since it came out MANY years ago.  With his pushing, I decided to bring cookies back better than ever.  Todd also uses his cookies for a gospel presentation.  His routine and added notes are at the bottom of these directions.  Be sure to take a look even if you don’t do gospel magic because his ideas are great.  In addition, a live performance of Todd doing the routine in a church is viewable on youtube.  Check out the directions for the link.  Thanks Todd for being the one to bring cookies back to so many performers and happy kids.

White Sponge Ball WILL YELLOW With Age!
All foam darkens or yellows with age and exposure to light.  There is no way to brighten the foam.  DO NOT BLEACH!  Bleach will destroy the foam.  The slight yellowing that occurs naturally with foam won’t change the entertainment value of the routine.  However, replacement balls are available at

Got Cookies?
Complete presentation and handling instructions are also on the DVD.  Be sure to check out some of our other fun products on the DVD as well.

Set Up: Begin by placing one white sponge between the cookie shells and insert into the plastic cookie holder, which is riveted to the bottom of the lunch box. Cookie holder allows you to keep cookie loaded and ready to pick up with one hand. Place the white balls on one side of the box and the brown ball on the other.  There is a small orange cap on the right side of the box to hold the brown, or other colored ball of choice, separate from the white balls.  Leaving the brown ball with the white will cause the dye to bleed onto the white balls.  Three colored balls are included with your kit for holiday performances such as red-Christmas Oreos, orange-Halloween Oreos, green-St. Patrick’s Day or mint Oreos.

In most cases I suggest wetting sponge balls before performance so they are easier to work with and look bigger.  However, if the ball is bigger it won’t fit correctly inside the cookie shells.  There’s also more danger of the colored balls mixing with the white ball when they are wet.

Place a 6-pack of Oreo cookies in your change bag or other production box. The giveaway cookies are optional, however, the value on the volunteer’s face is worth the cost.

Patter and Presentation:
(Choose a child volunteer to help. Since all five 2” sponge balls will eventually appear in child’s hand choose age 7 or above.) After all these magic tricks I’ve worked up a taste for a snack. I always bring my snack box to shows. Inside is one of my favorite snacks. What’s your favorite snack? Do you like cookies? Me too! What’s your favorite? My favorite is Oreo because you unlock the magic with every cookie. I’ll show you what I mean. (Remove gimmicked cookie from snack box, holding together with a slight amount of pressure.) I just twist and unlock the magic. (Open cookie shells to reveal white ball. Casually hold sponge in left hand and place cookie shells back in box. While hand is in box palm one white ball.) This is the creamy center that makes Oreo cookies so tasty. It’s magic, and I’ll show you why. If you will hold the creamy center in your hand and squeeze I’ll show you what’s even better than one creamy center. (Place both white balls in child’s hand as one. Assist child to close hand.) All I need is my Oreo magic wand. (Reach in box for wand and palm an extra white ball in your right hand.) Can you tell why it’s an Oreo wand? That’s right, the center is white and the ends are black just like an Oreo. All I need to do is touch your hand and unlock the magic. Slowly open your hand and look. (Child opens hand to reveal two balls.) Double stuff! That’s great, let’s try it again. Hold one stuff and I’ll place the other one in my box for later. (Place one ball along with palmed ball in child’s hand. Place extra ball in box and palm brown ball. It works best to hold wand under left arm while making these moves.) I’ll touch your hand and unlock the magic, double stuff again! You’re really good at this. Do you know what’s even better than double stuff? (Children will often say triple stuff.) No, it’s even better than triple stuff. (Place two white balls along with palmed brown ball in child’s hand.) Unlock the magic, open your hand and look. It’s chocolate stuff! Now that’s good stuff. I’ll certainly save that for later. (Place brown ball in box and palm three white balls.) There’s only one thing better than double stuff and chocolate stuff. Hold the double stuff and I’ll show you. (Place all five balls in child’s hand) Unlock the magic, it’s lots of stuff! Now that’s my kind of snack.  You have lots of stuff so let’s make some magic Oreo cookies. I believe I have a magic bag that would be perfect for a cookie snack.  (Bring out Got Udder bag or your favorite change bag.)  Got milk?  I know what you’re thinking.  This is udder-ly ridiculous.  Why don’t you moooo-ve a little closer and drop those creamy fillings inside the bag.  Perfect.  Take the magic cookie wand and tap the bag. Perfect.  Do it one ‘udder’ time.    If you were thinking about cookies when you tapped the bag you should find cookies inside.  However, if you were thinking about milk you’re not going to like how your hand feels when you reach inside.  Reach in at your own risk.  Wow, you got cookies! Thanks for your help. Here’s your own Oreo six pack to have later. Give my helper a big hand.

Gospel Presentation by Todd McKinney
Opening Script: “Do we have anyone here today who is hungry?” After the hands go up in the air, I then say, “Oh, they don’t feed you kids around here?” Now I choose a volunteer by saying, “You look hungry, would you like to help? After I get the volunteer on stage, I ask them their name three times in a row. After the third time, I say “Good memory!”

Main Script: “Do you like Cookies?” After the child says yes, I then ask, “What is your favorite flavor, chocolate or vanilla?

Note: If the child says Chocolate, I say, “Mine too!” and if the child says Vanilla, I say, “Vanilla is really good but mine is Chocolate. Did you know that Chocolate and Vanilla go really well together?”  

Back To Main Script: “I have brought with me to church today my lunch box. Inside this box are the ingredients to real cookies, do you believe me?” If they say yes, I reply with, “Oh, you should never trust a magician!” If the child says no, I reply with, “Good, you should never ever trust a magician!” “There really are some ingredients inside the box. Let me take a quick look to see what is inside the box.” After looking inside the box, I say “Oooh!” in a very funny voice which gets a laugh from the audience. Next I say, “Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls, please prepare your self for a real chocolate cookie!” This is now followed by, “When I was just a kid I started doing magic tricks. One day I was in the kitchen and I wanted a cookie really bad so I picked up a cookie and I learned my very first trick.” At this point I remove the two cookie shells with one of the white sponge balls in the middle. The script continues with, “You can actually take a cookie, snap your fingers, twist, blow and unlock the magic on the inside.” The white sponge ball is now shown to the audience and they usually always say “Wow!” After the “Wow!” I respond with, “Don’t get too excited kids, it’s just a ball!” Now I say, “We call this stuff- everyone say stuff!” After the kids say “Stuff!” I then say, “It’s the creamy middle of the cookie, it’s what makes it taste delicious.” At this point I ask the audience member to place one of their hands out in front of them. I actually have one white sponge ball palmed in one of my hands. Without them realizing it, I am placing two white sponge balls into their hand. Now I reach into the box to grab the magic wand. Upon showing the wand, I say “The wand is creamy in the middle and chocolate on the end!” Next I say, “Let’s pretend as though you are eating an Oreo cookie. You take the top, you take the bottom, you lick the creamy middle and it’s gone. It’s depressing- it’s very sad. The Oreo cookie company got smart one day. They came up with a new ingredient. It’s a whole lot better than plain old stuff. Would you like to see it?” At this point, I tap the child’s hand and ask them to open their hands nice and slow. Once they open their hands, I say “Double stuff!” For whatever reason, the audience NEVER claps at this and therefore I say, “This is where most audiences clap!” 

After the audience notices the two balls and claps, I then say, “Now we are going to play my favorite little game called Pick A Stuff. I put one white sponge ball into each hand and say, “Would you like stuff number one or stuff number two, pick one?”

Note: If the child says “STUFF NUMBER TWO,” I come back with, “I said pick stuff number one.” This always gets a great laugh.

At this point I am now handing two white sponge balls to the child but they think that they are only holding one. My next line is, “Here is my creamy magic wand again. It’s still creamy in the middle and chocolate on the end. Now let’s pretend as though you are eating a double stuff Oreo cookie. Your tummy begins to rattle, you are so hungry that you can’t help yourself as you want other one. I now tap the child on the hand and say “Double stuff again!” as they open their hands. This is followed by “And the crowd goes wild!”  

Ending Script: “You are so good at this that we are going to do this one more time.” At this point I now go back to the box and palm the chocolate (black) ball in on hand. We play the game once more and I say, “Pick a stuff, stuff number one or stuff number two.” After the child decides which stuff they want, I place the black sponge ball and one of the white sponge balls into their hand. They think that I am only placing the white one into their hand. They have no idea that there ever is a black ball at anytime. After the two balls are placed into the child’s hand I then move on to say, “After many many years of research, the Oreo cookie company did something really cool. It took them a long time to be able to do this. They created what I think is better than plain old stuff. They created what is better than double stuff and even better than triple stuff. Please remind us what your favorite flavor is.”

Note: If the child says “Vanilla” I say “And what was my favorite flavor?” They will of course say “Chocolate.” If in the beginning they say “Chocolate,” I ask them to say Chocolate a little louder.”  I now tap them on the hands for the last time to show one white and one black sponge ball (vanilla and chocolate stuff).

Back To Ending Script: “Now we have a big problem. You know some people would say that chocolate is better than vanilla and some people would say that vanilla is better than chocolate. But wait, they are both stuff. What if this represented the stuff that we do in our lives in each and every day? Some of that stuff is very good and pleasing to God but some of that stuff is not so pleasing and sometimes maybe it’s hard to give that stuff up. Maybe someone at school is trying to get us to do something. Even though we know that it wouldn’t make God happy, maybe we do it anyway because we want to fit in. At this point I now hand the child all of the sponge balls and the cookie shells. I explain to the child how well they have done and that we need somewhere to put all of the stuff. I introduce the Udder Change Bag by saying, “Have you guys ever seen one of these before?” This gets a good laugh and so I then say, “I know what you are thinking, this is udderly ridiculous!” I now tell the child that I have a question.

One by one, I have them place one of the sponge balls into the bag followed by the cookies shells. I have them keep either one of the sponge balls or one of the cookie shells in their hand. I explain that, “You gave God all of that stuff. What if there was just that one thing that you just could not give up so you give God 75% of your life. Do you think that is what God wants? What about 90%? What about 95%? What about 98%? What about 99.9%? So you mean that God wants 100%? Would you be willing to give God 100% of your life so that he can change you forever? At this point, I have the child drop the remaining sponge ball or cookie shell into the change bag. I now say, “That is a really big leap of faith!” Now the audience claps. I now say, “The bible says that we become as white as snow and that all of that stuff in our lives is washed away.” You did so good today that you deserve something really special. I do the switch on the change bag and deliver the line of, “I will trade you this magic wand for what is inside of the bag if you promise to always keep God number one in your life.” They reach into the bag and remove a bag of Oreo Cookies which they get to keep and take home with them.

The child is now returned to their seat with a big round of applause.

Thanks: I would like to personally thank Barry Mitchell for the inspiration behind me presenting this routine through the years. This is a simple magic trick that gets a great reaction every single time I present it to an audience.

To see me perform this routine live at a church, please go to and search for “Todd McKinney Got Cookies”

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